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This two-story home in Norman features a unique front door design, striking fireplace, elegant master bath, upstairs family room, and other popular features.

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Ready to Build That Home of Your Dreams?

Local Custom Home Builder Invites Clients' Involvement From Start to Finish

Are you planning to buy a home in 2020? Whether you’re a first-time home buyer or an established homeowner who’s finally ready to build that dream home, Ali Farzaneh, 1st Oklahoma Homes owner and founder, stands ready to help make that happen.

Since 2005, Farzaneh and his staff have been custom building homes throughout Cleveland County. The houses range from relatively modest in size—2,100 square feet—to more expansive—6,000 square feet. Prices average $350,000 to $1 million. The majority of people these days, he says, favor either a modern or transitional look, but they have also built a few traditional-style homes. Most all houses built by 1st Oklahoma Homes feature the open concept seen in virtually every HGTV home-building or home renovation show airing today.

Some of their clients have only a broad vision of what their dream home should look like; others have much a more explicit vision that encompasses even the tiniest details.

The 1st Oklahoma Homes team is happy to work with both types of clients, as well as those who fall in-between those two extremes.

When a client first reaches out to the custom home builder, they are first given some “homework”: to look at other houses built by 1st Oklahoma Homes (others, as well) to find a size and style they like. 1st Oklahoma has model homes in South Oklahoma City (Rio del Sol), Moore (Apple Estates) and Norman (Summit Valley and Summit Lakes). If a client wants to build on private land, as opposed to one of these additions, that’s doable, too. Farzaneh notes they recently built homes on private land off Highway 9 and Penn, another south of Highway 9 on Western, and a third on Norman’s west side on 48th Avenue.

When building on private land, 1st Oklahoma Homes serves as the contractor, overseeing and monitoring bids for work, starting with the laying of the foundation to the final touches. The client is consulted at every step, if they so desire.

Once the client has a good idea of what they want in their dream home, they meet with the 1st Oklahoma Homes team to finalize plans—a process that can take three to six hours to an entire day.

“We work with our clients and really listen; we try not to push them in a certain direction,” Farzaneh says. “Our clients really appreciate it, and feel they are truly being taken care of. Because they are involved in the details, they know they will get what they agreed upon.”

1st Oklahoma Homes’ willingness to involve their clients on the myriad of details that go into building a house is one of the things that separate them from their colleagues. Another area in which they excel lies is in the area of energy efficiency. All of their homes go through a third-party inspection during construction to ensure everything, from the framing to the insulation, meet industry standards and energy guidelines. The homes also undergo a final inspection to ensure the home’s energy guidelines meet or exceeds those set forth in OGE’s Positive Energy Program or ONG standards.

So, are you ready to start building that dream home?

1st Oklahoma Homes can expect the process to take, from start to finish, about six to nine months for a 2,100- to 3,000-square-foot house, somewhat longer for larger homes.

“If they can imagine it, we will build it for them,” Farzaneh says.

For more information about 1st Oklahoma Homes, as well as photos of finished homes, visit

  • This two-story home in Norman features a unique front door design, striking fireplace, elegant master bath, upstairs family room, and other popular features.
  • The striking marble fireplace serves as a focal point for the living area.
  • The home features many striking lighting fixtures, such as this zig-zag one in the living area.
  • It's all in the details. Note the Art Deco-inspired mirror, modern raised sink and light-reflective tiled back splash.

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