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Ready to Love Your Smile?

Achieve a radiant smile with Dr. Mary Abdou at Dental Dynasty

Article by Alexander Fraser

Photography by Courtesy of Dental Dynasty

Originally published in Red Rock City Lifestyle

Dr. Mary Abdou, the owner of Dental Dynasty, possesses a unique distinction in the dental field – she completed dental school twice. She earned her first dental degree and master's in Endodontics and Fixed Prostheses in Egypt. However, with her journey from Egypt to the United States in 2001, her aspirations in Las Vegas, and the pursuit of excellence and dedication to providing exceptional care here led her to pursue further education in the United States, where she graduated from UNLV Dental School Magna Cum Laude in 2009.

Dr. Abdou sheds light on her choice: "Choosing to go through dental school twice is a testament to my commitment to my profession and to helping my patients receive the best dental care."

Her experience and expertise span over a decade, specializing in same-day implants, crowns, dentures, cosmetic procedures, root canal treatment, and fixed prosthetics. Dental Dynasty has set a higher standard in the dental field, excelling in these areas while encompassing an array of services to cater to diverse patient needs to help everyone love their smile.

“We are raising the standards in the dental field with our outstanding care and exceptional experience,” said Dr. Abdou.

The Same-Day Smile Restoration Center at Dental Dynasty aims to simplify the patient experience from the initial contact. Dr. Abdou's knowledgeable team conducts thorough consultations to understand patient concerns and align them with personalized treatments, emphasizing a patient-centric approach to care.

Beyond the standard dental services, Dental Dynasty offers innovative solutions such as mobile dental services and teledentistry, adapting to modern needs while prioritizing patient comfort and convenience.

Choosing Dental Dynasty means choosing a practitioner devoted to setting new standards in dental care. Dr. Mary Abdou's dedication and expertise will help you create your beautiful smile to reflect confidence and health and be one that you love.