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Michelle Dawes Birt Empowers, Inspires, and Motivates in Hapeville

“Empower, Inspire, and Motivate” is the mission, says Michelle Dawes Birt, founder and CEO of Real Chicks Rock, a nonprofit organization created for women. Since the launch of Real Chicks Rock, Dawes Birt’s objective was to create a positive environment for women to be exactly who they are—no filters. Michelle recalls growing up in the Bronx, New York, “rockin’” a fresh pair of sneakers, preferably Chuck Taylor Converse, and thinking, “Am I not a real chick because I prefer to wear sneakers instead of heels?”

Dawes Birt knew there were other women across the globe just like her, who would gladly wear Chucks over stilettos. This inspired Dawes Birt’s initial brand, Real Chicks Rock Chucks, which created a following on Facebook rapidly, however, she decided to pivot to include all women.

“We are all women, but just in different places and phases in our lives…so how can we alleviate this where every woman can feel equal?” she asks.

Empowering women to be authentically themselves was her true passion, no matter what shoe they’re wearing. Michelle did just that by creating a safe haven for women in Atlanta.

The nonprofit organization gained clout without a doubt after her rebranding and activities to help promote it. Real Chicks Rock exemplifies a brand that collaborates, connects, and raises recognition about issues affecting women through music, media, community services, mentorship, and other means. Her initiative for her mission started by feeding the homeless and sponsoring back-to-school clothing drives for single moms. She also hosts women empowerment workshops, financial literacy, investing and entrepreneurial classes, and “how to start a nonprofit organization” seminars. Through these activities, women are free to be honest and sincere while being able to admit insecurities, vulnerabilities, and flaws. Developing life skills inspires and results in choices that add worth to their lives.

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