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Paying homage to a Southern pastime

Seek Solace in Style with Atlanta Bed Swings

“Bed Swings pay homage to a Southern pastime while elevating the comfort and beauty of modern outdoor living”. 

These are words that the Tice family — Mike, Erin and their son, Tyler — strongly believe. The pair operates a family-owned business customizing bed swings that enhance comfort while elevating outdoor living space. 

Ten years ago Mike and Tyler discovered the untapped potential of bed swings, working to improve them via intricate hardware, custom frame styles and high-end fabrics. Soon enough, their bed swing design took off and Atlanta Bed Swings (ABS) was formed. 

According to Tyler, extensive customization and personal touches are what make a swing from ABS so special. 

The Design Process

No two bed swings are completely alike. Each swing starts in the showroom, where customers have a real role in the planning process. They can book a 1:1 appointment to discuss design packages and receive tailored recommendations of fabric, color and design based on their personal outdoor living space. ABS also offers in-home and virtual consultations to anyone who can’t make it into the showroom.

Creating The Swing

Once the design is nailed down, ABS gets to work handcrafting every aspect of the swing. They mill, cut and assemble the frame, sew cushions with utmost attention to detail, and finally, install the finished product. The elaborate production process creates a long-lasting, stunning centerpiece that completes any sun or lounge room for ages. 

Styling Tips

Tyler recommends not holding too tightly to a “less is more” sentiment. “Bed Swings are the centerpiece of a space, so styling them to draw attention is quintessential to their effect on the space.” 

Instead, he suggests opting for a pop of color or intricate design on the cushions, selecting a neutral base and matching the frame to its surroundings. Regardless, ABS’s design team is equipped to answer and guide customers to a swing that matches their’s and their space’s personality. 

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