Reclaimed Style

Owen Homes helps a Platte City couple blend rustic and elegance in their modern tudor home

When you pull up to Aaron and Dana Boyd’s home, located on about 11 acres north of Platte City, you’re greeted by a beautiful view of rolling hills. Their home, a modern tudor with black and stone accents, was created by custom design and build firm Owen Homes and they knew this view was one of the most important parts to incorporate into the house. 

But the view wasn’t the only thing that the homeowners wanted to include in the design of the home. Aaron, a farmer, had been collecting materials for years, such as old barn wood and flooring from the church he was brought up in. And he wanted to use them in the house. 

“He and his family are generational farmers so he had collected some of this wood from barns and old homes that really tell a story of his life,” says Charielle Sowers, director of business development at Owen Homes. “He had intended it to be a part of his future home. It was very fun to make sure we incorporated that from day one.”

Sara Svehla, the interior designer on the project, was excited about this challenge. They incorporated the old barn wood, made of teak and walnut, into the stunning fireplace in the great room. The ceiling in the primary bedroom is repurposed church flooring. Reclaimed wood was used throughout the home, in places as small as window sills. 

“They absolutely had great ideas — it was just a matter of making it a reality,” says Sara. “That’s always the most challenging part for myself — taking this vision out of someone’s head and making it a real reality.”

The resulting home is a beautiful blend of old and new, and a representation of the couple.

“I think one of the reasons this house turned out so great is because we had the perfect mix in homeowners,” says Sara. “He had this really rustic style and she had a really elegant air about her. I think mixing those in this home was just what gave it that final beautiful, different edge. It’s not like every other home and every other Pinterest picture.”

The Boyds’ home is truly custom. Not only is the style a great blend of the two, but everything down to the layout was built just for them. Thoughtful touches are also included throughout the home, like special storage and laundry for Aaron’s farming clothing in the mudroom, built-in dog kennels, and lots of hidden, intentional storage solutions for Dana.  It’s a testament to what working with Owen Homes can do. 

“Each home that we build is unique and different. We’ve actually never built the same home twice because not every family functions the same or lives the same,” says Charielle. “We’re building custom homes that families will live in for many, many years, and some with the intent that they will pass their home onto their children.  So we’re thinking through an immense amount of details from day one before we start drawing the blueprints.”

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