Recycling 101

Take the Guesswork Out of the Process with These Helpful Tips

We’ve all been taught to reduce, reuse and recycle. Sometimes the recycling process can be tricky, but it is a vital step in preserving the environment.

“Recycling helps to reduce energy usage, the consumption of fresh raw materials, greenhouse gas emissions and both air and water pollution by decreasing the need for waste disposal,” says Jeri Harwell, Municipal Services Manager with Republic Services. “Additionally, by keeping materials out of the landfills, we are able to preserve valuable disposal space in the Metroplex, extending the life and capacity of our landfills. The further you have to transport municipal solid waste, the higher the costs, which get passed on to residential and business customers.”

Often residents are unsure of what to recycle and how to properly prepare items for recycling. Jeri offers some practical advice this month on how and what to recycle.


Aluminum Cans

Plastic Bottles

Flattened Cardboard

Mixed Paper



Know what to throw. Republic Services’ slogan is: “When in doubt, throw it out.” For a complete list of what and what not to recycle, visit recyclingsimplified.com. The “Recycling Basics” tab contains specific information for each recyclable material.

Empty, clean and dry. Keep all recyclables free of food and liquid so as to avoid contamination. Give items a rinse and tap out excess water – leaving no more than a teaspoon.

Restrict what’s in the recycling cart. Only include aluminum cans, plastic bottles, cardboard, mixed paper and glass. Never put recyclables in containers or bags inside the cart.

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