Red Door Delights

A Culinary Journey Awaits at The Red Door Sake Bar & Kitchen

Step into the world of traditional Japanese cuisine and indulge your taste buds with Chef Chad's exquisite creation, the classic Tonkotsu Ramen. Crafted with precision and passion, each bowl is a symphony of flavors that takes diners on a gastronomic adventure.

At the heart of this culinary masterpiece lies a rich Tokyo Tonkotsu pork broth, simmered to perfection over 18-20 hours to achieve its unparalleled depth and complexity. Tender roasted chashu pork, soy-marinated eggs, crisp scallions, savory menma, and delicate nori come together harmoniously, creating a perfect balance of texture and taste.

From the first sip to the last slurp of noodles, Chef Chad's Tonkotsu Ramen is a testament to the artistry and dedication behind authentic Japanese cuisine. Prepare to delight your senses and experience a true taste of Japan with every spoonful.

Make your way to The Red Door Sake Bar & Kitchen where elevated Asian cuisine will romanticize even the toughest food critic. From exquisite ramen to flavorful Kolmbu salad, each and every dish served reflects a fusion of tradition and innovation, promising a memorable dining experience. 

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