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Red, White and Blue

Decorate Your Home with the Colors of Independence

Where does a newly naturalized citizen, circa 2012, draw her design inspo for the Red, White and Blue?

I love July 4th! Maybe because I feel like I'm playing catch up for all the years I missed out, or because like any Irish immigrant, any day to celebrate independence from Britain is a good day for me! Just like all  Americans are Irish on St. Pats Day, us Irish American citizens love this holiday.

For me, celebrating America goes hand in hand with America's national past time…baseball. I'm a believer in drawing inspiration from what is around me, and in our house, that mean sports and in particular, baseball memorabilia. I turned my hurricane lamps into baseball flower arrangements and my Michaels shelving is sporting a stars and stripes baseball wreath!

With the color scheme already pre-determined, I like to mix patterns in the same color wheel to introduce a bit more personality, while staying true to the red, white and blue.
Stars and stripes go hand and hand with chevron and tartan because they all come back to the same color palette. Other pieces, like the overhead basket lighting, from Pottery Barn and Target, and the green from the succulents which I scattered throughout the area, work to break up the chaos of the colors and bring a calmness to loud colors. I even threw in a signature 4th of July Nutcracker.