Red, White and New Ripple Effects

It’s tempting to want immediate, sweeping changes in U.S. racial equality given how we all witnessed an African American man die due to the oppressive action taken by Minneapolis police officers during an arrest over an alleged counterfeit $20 bill. However, it’s also going to take smaller ripple effects to affect lasting change.

Ripples that come from voicing opposition and dismay when Americans don’t give fellow Americans the benefit of the doubt.

Ripples that demand U.S. law enforcement be fair, transparent and just.

Ripples that come from praying for inspiration and praying for decision-makers in leading roles to make challenging choices to do what’s right.

Ripples that only come from listening to various perspectives, rather than staying in our own cocoons.

Ripples that come from voting to ensure our voices are counted, even during municipal elections that don’t reflect provocative issues or people.

Ripples that include speaking up instead of silently fretting, assuming someone else is going to do something about injustices.

Ripples that don’t support disparities among Americans regarding education, income and health care.

Ripples that stamp out reverse-discrimination in support of holistic tolerance and honest motivations.

Ripples that result from actively contributing to community initiatives that accentuate inclusion.

Ripples that lead to accountability.

We need ripples resulting from letting down our old guards and opening up our new mindsets. We need all of us working on positive multipliers that will help lift the goodness of America, which used to be referenced as mutual respect and “opportunity for all.” We need ripples that don’t just gently move across the surface, but also rattle our cores and alter our behaviors.

At Lifestyle Publications, our goal is to continue to gain understanding and to be the change. We mourn with the family of Mr. George Floyd, and we pray for those who needlessly lost loved ones and for those hurting emotionally during this difficult time. We’re praying for positive changes in this country and for united hearts.

To everyone aching for so long, we stand with you and we love you. From these pages, we hope you feel our ripples of compassion, hope and faith in knowing Americans can do better.

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