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Redefining Aesthetics for Men

At The ReFinery, both men and women can achieve their cosmetic goals

Aesthetics are usually associated with women in the modern era, but historical evidence shows that men have also been working to improve their appearances for centuries. The myth that cosmetic procedures are only for females is a misconception The ReFinery is working to debunk. As the market for minimally-invasive products and techniques continues to grow, so does the interest from men. Owner Dr. James LaPere shares, “It’s okay for a guy not to like a wrinkle or two. I can make those go away.” Botox for males, also called “Brotox,” is administered in a specialized way that accentuates a more masculine, chiseled appearance. 

Dr. LaPere is board-certified in Family Medicine and has completed additional anti-aging and health optimization training. In addition to cosmetic procedures, he helps patients with acute or chronic conditions, including hormone replacement therapy. Dr. LaPere enjoys getting to know his clients through a comprehensive examination and discussion of medical history to help them feel their best. Treating the whole person takes time, so all appointments are face-to-face and at least 30 minutes. Labs and medications are provided in-office to help get clients to a therapeutic level with a resolution of symptoms, and it saves a trip to the pharmacy. Dr. LaPere is also known for his niche work with IFBB professional athletes. His specialized knowledge enables him to work with these performers and their trainers in a non-judgmental atmosphere while monitoring their health to keep them safely operating at peak levels. 

Hair removal is another service men frequently sought that was formerly attributed to only women. Males commonly request to eliminate hair on the back of their neck and shoulders, but any area of the body is possible. Laser hair removal is a more invasive treatment, but The ReFinery uses a diode laser that is safe for all skin and hair types. Clients notice an immediate effect, with full results typically achieved after six sessions. 

The interest in men’s weight loss has seen an uptick and has become one of their most popular services, even without stimulant medications. Instead, after a full health review, clients receive semaglutide, which has been shown to help patients lose 8-10 pounds per month. The ReFinery’s weight loss package is affordable and includes office visits, medication, and a dietary plan. During a routine visit, Dr. LaPere counsels patients on good eating habits and monitors their protein intake and muscle mass. 

Some clients prefer treatment for a specific body area where stubborn, unwanted fatty deposits reside. For men, the most common areas are under the chin, chest, and waistline. These can be treated in the office with Lipodissolve, which destroys and eliminates fat cells, with results visible in just a few weeks. 

The ReFinery recently celebrated its first anniversary. They are a family-run practice with Dr. LaPere as the primary provider, his wife, Ceseley, as the office manager, and their long-time friend, Tina, as a technician with 25+ years of experience. The family atmosphere is one of the things that make this location unique. In fact, upon entering the office, you immediately notice that it feels more like an upscale club or boutique than a medical practice. Clients also comment on the personalized care and attention they receive from the staff. One patient said, “I appreciate their attention to detail, professionalism and kindness. I am also very pleased with my outcome. Not only will I be going back, my wife will be going as well!”



WEIGHT LOSS: With injectable semaglutide, a non-stimulant medication, clients lose an average of eight to ten pounds per month. This medication has also been shown to reduce food cravings and improve insulin resistance.  

HORMONE THERAPY: The ReFinery can help men combat the symptoms associated with age-related decreases in testosterone. All labs and medications are provided in-office to get you feeling better quickly and discreetly.

LASER HAIR REMOVAL: A diode laser is used to remove hair in the desired area. Results are noticeable immediately, with permanent results after six sessions.

BOTOX & FILLERS: Dr. LaPere personally administers all injectables using a different technique for men than women to enhance their masculine and chiseled features.



Dr. James LaPere served as an Air Force medic for 11 years before becoming board-certified in Family Medicine. He completed multiple post-graduate trainings in cosmetics, anti-aging, hormone therapy, and health optimization and is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery. He currently balances his time between The ReFinery and Stonecrest Medical Center. Dr. LaPere has been married for over 20 years and has four beautiful children. 

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