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Finding the New Normal

Small Steps to Mend and Embrace a Better Tomorrow

If sheltering in place and COVID-19 have taught us one thing, it has been to reconsider "normal." Before this, life was busy, schedules were full, work was guaranteed, and stress was high. In the midst of the Shelter-In-Place mandate, life has slowed down, routines are negotiable, many have lost work, and stress for most remains high. Some face the loss of loved ones, the loss of businesses, the loss of normal. But as we mourn and take tentative steps to move forward, we hope to leave you with some help along the way, including the chance to consider what you would like your new "normal" to be. We spoke with Dr. Hank Flowers, a Licensed Professional Counselor, pastoral counselor, and retired chaplain, to get his guidance on dealing with the pain that many have experienced and how to embrace the good that has surprised us.

1) For anyone who has experienced loss, "Sit down and talk with somebody; tell someone your story. Before you even read anything, find someone who can take your story seriously and not be judgmental."

2) Look to connect with those who have endured the pain of isolation due to quarantine. "There are a lot of lonely people that just want someone to be fact, loneliness is one of the leading causes among the elderly today." 

3) For the families that have discovered new connections with one another, "Enjoy. Cherish the moment. In my own neighborhood, I've seen families spending more time together...parents playing with their kids in the yard...there's a community being developed among families. These are precious times."