Redefining Renovation

Creative collaboration yields high levels of satisfaction for homeowners

The team at Inspired Closets excels at taking their clients’ vision from concept to reality, breathing new life into outdated spaces and helping homeowners maximize the beauty and efficiency of their home, large or small. For a recent Lake Lotawana client, Inspired Closets co-owner Christine Fee helped shift an unsightly laundry room and adjacent ‘catchall’ area into a multi-purpose space homeowner Lisa Gunderson says is now her favorite room in the house.

“The designers at Inspired Closets helped us transform a dark, inefficient and unattractive utility room into a beautiful, functional showpiece. The design and placement of the cabinetry maximized much needed storage and created an appealing visual from any view. There were surprises too, such as the tabletop above the washer/dryer which created a large, bright, ergonomic bonus workspace. The customization options gave us the opportunity to integrate our own needs; such as added lighting, recyclable storage, a charging station, and the ability to blend the design to complement the interiors in the rest of the house,” said Gunderson.

This Lake Lotawana renovation followed the general process Fee uses with all of her clients’ projects. “First, we have to take inventory of what the client has and what they want to accomplish. There are multiple solutions to address any issue the client may be facing. Then we explore various configurations until we land on the best strategy.”

“With the Gunderson home being only 1600 square feet total, it was important to maximize every square inch. Everything is behind something, so we created a shelf for all electronics and included scoop drawers. Everything is in one space, plugged in together.”

Fee loves that challenge of designing, organizing and visioning with customers, and says “our business objective is to provide high quality custom organizational designs for customers. Inspired by you, designed and created by us.”  With this personal approach, it’s easy to see why customers like Gunderson exit the process loving their newly renovated spaces.

With home trends constantly shifting, it’s important for Fee and her team to stay up to date on new options. When asked about trends she’s seeing, Fee said “drawers in the master closet are hot right now. Putting all your clothes in that space allows for fully getting ready in the closet. Lighting also continues to be a huge element for renovations, with multiple options for up lighting, under lighting, and motion activated lighting.

Whether you’ve lived in your home two years or twenty, Inspired Closets can help you reimagine and reinvigorate any living space. As the name implies, Inspired Closets is known for its closet renovation services, but Fee says that, especially since the pandemic, they are seeing clients want to update pantries, laundry rooms, home offices and even garage spaces. 

Says Fee, “We’ve started seeing folks want Murphy beds in office spaces to maximize the utility of space; they are home more, so they are much more aware of their spaces and how they’d like to use them. They want things to be organized. They need to have custom designed space in order to achieve that goal.”

When considering a remodeling project, having a timeline is helpful. Fee says a typical project takes approximately two months from start to finish, design to installation, and in most cases the installation itself takes only a day or two.

It’s the relationship building and problem solving that is most meaningful for Fee. “Our typical customer has tried everything to make their space functional and attractive, but they’re still frustrated. Buying a bunch of retail pieces doesn’t automatically accomplish their organizational goals. We partner with the client, conducting a five-step process to help identify the best strategies for accomplishing their goals,” she says.

A woman-owned, veteran-owned company, Inspired Closets KC launched in November 2018 and is one of 44 national dealerships..  For more information, visit https://www.inspiredclosets.com/locations/kansas-city/

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