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Amber Hansen discusses the importance of self-care for busy moms.

The phrase “you cannot pour from an empty cup” has never rung more true for many of us than it has since the pandemic. This has been especially true for moms as they have tried to put their own struggles and needs aside to support their children through the unprecedented circumstances and stressors that these last few years have given us.

Amber Hansen of Glow Envy Med Spa in Midlothian met with Midlothian Lifestyle to discuss the importance of taking care of yourself, especially if you’re a busy mom. Here’s what she had to say.

Before I started the spa, I was an RN and mom with young babies trying to work opposite shifts of my husband’s schedule so we could be home as much as possible with our kids. I was so tired and worn out. My sweet husband started encouraging me to find something that could fill my cup that would be just for me, but I was so entrenched in taking care of our little family that I had lost touch with myself completely. I had no idea what would help me find my spark again. Then one day I got talked into a microneedling appointment with my sister to see if it could help my acne scarring. It helped my skin so much which in turn helped my confidence. A light turned on for me and I realized when I spent time on me and took care of myself that it changed my whole outlook on life. I realized that I mattered too, and I was worth the effort and time. This is how Glow Envy Med Spa was born. I knew that I wasn’t the only one that had lost herself. I saw so many women around me that needed to be reminded that they too are worth the effort… and the rest is history. I found my passion in taking care of these amazing people that take care of us all. 

I’ve been a registered nurse since 2008 and have a background in wound care and plastic surgery. Measurable results are built into my background. My personal acne journey also played a huge role in how we operate our med spa today. I remember feeling frustrated and like no one cared. I understand what it feels like to be a name and a number when you are so desperate for help. We have built our team and business around making sure that everyone that walks through our doors knows they matter and we care. We take our time with each person and make it our personal mission to help them achieve their goals.

Glow Envy is both a skincare and wellness practice. But more than that, it is a sanctuary and a safe haven where people can go to fill their cup, whatever that might look like for them. We try to tailor our treatments to whatever makes you feel like your best self, whether that be vitamin injections for energy, PRP for hair regrowth, Botox to make you look as young as you feel, tailored skincare and treatment solutions to help you get that glow back, or even just a place to go to feel connected while you get a relaxing facial. 

We really try to focus on the person, holistically. The skin is so often a manifestation of what is going on inside our bodies. Water intake, diet, sleep, stress, and lifestyle factors all contribute to having great skin. Taking care of all those things makes everything feel better. So, when we are taking care of our skin, we are taking care of our whole selves.

My favorite people to serve are the women who are so busy taking care of their people that they aren’t even sure what they need to feel good. I know so deeply what it feels like to have nothing left to give. I also know how drastically it can change someone when they feel good inside and feel confident in general. I love to watch them blossom as things that they have been insecure about become a non-issue for them. There’s enough mindset work to do already without having to worry about pesky things that can be remedied. Results matter to us because YOU matter to us and we fill our cups by filling yours. Nothing compares to the joy we get when we see a busy woman blossom and discover herself again.

To me, self-care means that you put yourself on “the list,” whatever that means for you. It is so easy to cancel appointments with ourselves. We put ourselves last and the last thing on the list usually tends to drop off. When you invest in yourself and you are confident, it helps your entire life go better. It gives you the stamina you need to take on life in the best way possible. It also helps you take care of your people better when your cup is full. It’s so important to prioritize time for you in order to be your best self. You matter and you’re worthy of self-love and self-care.

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