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Refinishing Countertops and Bathroom Finishings

Did you know that the Mesa County Landfill receives approximately 170,000 tons of waste each year? To break that down into a more manageable number, you could say it this way: the landfill receives 7 lbs of trash per day for each resident of Mesa County. Seven pounds per day! That is a lot of waste to be handled! While we think they do a great job and are proud of their work to dispose of our garbage in a safe and appropriate manner, we greatly value the residents and businesses working hard to minimize the waste that ends up in the landfill. 

One such business is Miracle Method of Western Colorado. Miracle Method is a surface refinishing company that can do everything from minor repair work on bathtubs to large jobs like refinishing an entire pool, or even commercial jobs such as doing all the bathrooms at the airport. They have been serving customers across the Western Slope for more than 20 years.

Did you know that countertops can be refinished? Did you know that bathroom fixtures such as bathtubs and sinks can be refinished to look like new again? Have you thought about refinishing your countertops or existing fixtures? Refinishing can save time and money, and keep a lot of building waste out of the landfill. Miracle Method can give new life to your countertops and fixtures. 

Robert Klein is the owner and operator of Miracle Method of Western Colorado. He is a Western Slope native. Robert and his family love camping and hiking and otherwise generally exploring our beautiful area. He and his wife used to play a lot of volleyball, especially during their dating years, but with young kids volleyball has taken a side seat for the time being. Robert takes the time to stay healthy by utilizing local gyms and with his family enjoys local road bike rides, especially along the Riverfront Trail system. They have enjoyed camping up in Glade Park in recent years, but also enjoy exploring further away such as in Ouray or Moab. 

Robert was born and raised in Glenwood Springs. When he learned about the ability to refinish bathtubs and change their color, he began researching the technique, and ended up finding Miracle Method, which is a franchise. He continued learning and was impressed with the company and the product, and decided to get to work and bring this to the Western Slope. He actually started his business in Glenwood Springs, but moved to Grand Junction in 2007 after he began taking more and more jobs in the valley. Since then, the business has moved to various locations around town as the business grew. 

Robert is passionate about his work and takes pride in being able to take something that is run down and damaged, and making it like new. It is amazing the transformations that can take place. Because finishing work isn’t common, Robert invests the time to train all of his technicians in an extensive training program over a period of several months before they begin taking jobs on their own. 

One very happy customer reported, "Back in August of '22 We bought a house that needed quite a bit of work before it was ready to be lived in. Among the areas needing the most attention was the kitchen. The counters were a dark maple burl Formica. That surface had more visible wear and tear than we had ever seen on a laminate top and the previous owners had attempted unsuccessfully to refinish the counters with peel and stick marble shelf paper and a disgusting yellow countertop paint. After stripping the Formica to the original finish, we had Miracle Method redo the counters with a white multicolor flecking called Birch Bark. It's beautiful, tough and functional. We are so pleased, we have recommended Miracle Method to many friends and neighbors!"

If you have surfaces that you would like to refinish, you should check out Miracle Method of Western Colorado. They have great reviews and emphasize that customer satisfaction is a high priority.

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