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Old Becomes New, Blah Becomes Bold—All With Your Own Pieces and Sarah Nicole Redesign

Article by Nicole Browning

Photography by Matthew J Capps

Originally published in Loveland Lifestyle

As you step foot into Kelly Haseotes’s house, it’s impossible not to feel the comfort exuding from the very walls of her home. Each warm-toned detail and slate-blue hue offer cheery charm, and you’d be hard-pressed to find one element out of place. When asked about the beauty of her home’s design, Kelly immediately raves. “I moved to Ohio about three years ago, and this is my 9th house … so I’ve gone through designs and changing homes multiple times. I knew what I wanted—someone who was going to be super easy to get along with, super independent in what she was thinking and how she was executing, and I wanted my home to feel warm and approachable.” Wish granted—all that (and more!) was achieved thanks to Sarah Nicole Redesign.

Sarah Nicole Redesign is an interior design firm that boasts a bold twist. “We try to embrace what people own and give it a modern, fresh update … so it still feels functional and livable for a modern family,” explains Sarah Schumacher, founder and owner of the company that now bears her name. So, instead of an interior designer who comes in, bills you for everything and wipes out the old, Sarah gets up close and personal with things you already own and weaves those into her redesigns. And it could be anything, from Grandma’s vintage dining room table to something found in a box that’s been tucked away in the basement for years, now brought to the light of day during the redesign. “Our specialty is working with what people have first … that’s what we like to do best. It’s more challenging, but it’s fun! People’s items usually have a history or are sentimental—we’re not trying to come in and wipe the slate clean.” Talk about a breath of fresh (well-designed) air. 

First and foremost, Sarah’s values placement over purchase—something that sets her apart from all the rest. For Sarah, it’s all about finding the right place in a design for an already-owned item, and incorporating that seamlessly into her new vision for the client’s space. Redesign isn’t a luxury project—it’s an affordable, practical investment in your home … Sarah understands that amazing design should be accessible to everyone. “I myself am a busy working mom—I totally understand wanting your home to feel coordinated and pulled together, but respect and understand that this is also the space where you raise your family, create memories, make messes. Your home can be pretty and practical.”

The demographic for who can benefit from Sarah’s redesigns varies, but one thing stays true: redesign is interior design and home decorating for everyone. Sometimes, it’s helping empty-nesters downsize from their large family home to a condominium, and choosing which pieces they can keep and incorporate into the new space. Or maybe it’s a blended family, both of whom are bringing along their own collections and want to seamlessly integrate their lives and their furnishings together. It’s for the busy working moms and dads who want that little bump of help to make their homes warm, cozy and inviting every day. It’s mixing the old with the new to create the perfect environment so your home feels like just that—a home.

So now you’ve decided to utilize Sarah and her firm’s talents (good decision), but what comes next? It all starts with a consultation, where you sit down with Sarah to talk it out. What projects are on your list? What colors do you like?  Where do you normally shop for your home?  How do you want this space to feel? And there’s no pressure if you don’t know where to start, or even if you don’t quite know your own likes and dislikes right now—that’s Sarah forte, to happily help you identify your style and themes throughout your space. 

Next, she makes suggestions for updates and provides you the option of shopping services for adding new items. “Shopping on behalf of our clients saves them time and money. We get to know our clients, build trust with them, and know which pieces are right for their homes. We’re in constant communication throughout the shopping and design process because they’ve entrusted us with their home, and that’s a big responsibility.” 

At the end of the day for Sarah, it’s about the people. It’s about evoking emotions and creating spaces that pull us in, whether the decor is new, old or in-between. “We want our clients to be comfortable and happy in their homes—to be proud of the home they have. That’s what we strive for above everything else … the rest is easy.” 

SarahNicoleRedesign.com | 513.284.2664

Redesign Tips to Take Home

Adding foliage to a space can create new texture in a room without having to completely overhaul it. “Greenery is a quick, easy way to add layers and interest, especially if styling shelves or tabletops.”

Window Treatments
“Adding window treatments can dramatically alter your space. Framing windows can actually make a space look bigger, or draw your eye to the light or view.”

Bright Lighting
Brighten up dark corners in spaces to make a well-loved space even more inviting. “Try adding an accent lamp in the kitchen, or new light fixtures in a living room for a fresh perspective."

Sarah makes it so easy and comfortable, I never felt pressured on anything. When I walk into my home, I love it. - Kelly Haseotes

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