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Reeling in Recovery

Finding peace, healing and community on the river are the goals of the new Georgia based non-profit, Reeling in Recovery. While catching (and releasing) a beautiful fish is every fly fisher’s goal, time on the river and connection to nature is the therapy that most recovering addicts will benefit from. Reeling in Recovery was founded by avid anglers and people who are in active recovery from alcohol or drug abuse. The organization’s first retreat was last fall, introducing others to the therapeutic sport of fly fishing.

“By connecting with others in the recovery community, you build a support network. We want to break the barrier of isolation,” says Becca Sue Klein, Executive Director. “Sharing our experiences can bring us one step closer to continued sobriety. Our team and board of directors are dedicated to helping those in recovery.”

Reeling in Recovery retreats are free, and open to those who have chosen to live their personal truth - a life without alcohol and drugs. The Reeling in Recovery network also strives to serve as a safe space and resource for the sober fly angler who is doing the work one day at a time through volunteer opportunities at retreats and connections at fly fishing events and through social media platforms. 

Participants in the retreats do not have to have previous fly fishing experience and can learn at their own pace. “The primary goal is to enjoy the outdoors, have fun and experience something new,” says Klein. 

“Sharing what you do with others to take your recovery one day at a time could make all the difference to someone who is struggling,” says Andy Weiner, Board President. “It works if you work it. And yes, our participants get out of our program what they put into it. Recovery is a ‘we’ program and we look forward to walking (or wading!) this journey with the fly fishing and recovery communities.”

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  • Becca Sue Klein, Executive Director