Refined Yet Casual Is In

The stylists at J.Hilburn share the latest trends and how to build a wardrobe you love

In June 2022, we visited the J.Hilburn team – Travis Hawley, Jodi Mayers, Christine Quandt, and Jennifer Shinners – in their new showroom in Excelsior. A year later, we wanted to catch up and see what’s happening in the world of J.Hilburn and the men’s fashion industry.

After officially opening their Excelsior showroom last June, the J.Hilburn team has continued to grow their clientele and provide sustainable, custom clothing for men. With the ability to outfit their clients in clothing from casual outfits, to professional suiting and formal wear, the J.Hilburn stylists love building relationships with their clients and being included in their significant milestones whether it is a vacation, a new job or a wedding. 

“As stylists, not only are we able to give our clients exceptional customer service, but for us, it’s a privilege to be a part of these big life events too,” Christine says.

Over the last year, the stylists have been able to help even more men discover their style and feel their best. They’ve given us insight into current fashion trends and how you can look and feel your best in the clothing you love.

As they say, fashion is always 12 months behind. And as a result, the fashion industry is still seeing trends related to a lasting work-from-home model, which means comfort is key.

“We’re still trending the business-casual model. People continue to wear more casual clothes to work, and J.Hilburn has really been able to pivot beautifully after the pandemic for those things. So our business casual categories are exploding and improving every day,” Christine says.

While business casual continues to be on trend, Jennifer and Christine both agree that what's evolving in mens’ fashion is more of an elevated business casual look. Specifically, updated suits and sportcoats in fabrics that provide both structure and comfort are popular right now. They are looking for a refined yet casual look without forfeiting style or comfort. 

When “they feel good, they look good, it’s a win-win and our fabrics hold up beautifully; they’re not wrinkling. So our customers can live their lives in these garments and still look good at the end of the day,” Christine says.

Another current popular category from J.Hilburn is their knitwear which offers sophisticated comfort in a variety of styles and fabrics. Ranging from tshirts, polos and sweaters, to pull-on pants, knitwear is abundant and endlessly customizable and J.Hilburn is doing it better than anyone else.

“Knit is all-encompassing. A knit can be easily paired with a sportcoat for an upscale business-casual style, or worn alone with denim for a more relaxed look. We are one of the only companies that are doing custom knits. It is one of our hottest sellers and very few other retailers are offering anything comparable,” Jennifer says.

As soft and comfortable clothes continue to trend, the stylists at J.Hilburn want you to know that comfort doesn’t need to mean loose or baggy. They recall many clients initially thinking their custom clothes were too tight but quickly realized that a cleaner fit means a more refined look.  And when the compliments started pouring in, they were convinced. 

“We get texts from our guys saying, ‘OK, I’m getting unsolicited compliments about my sportcoat on the airplane from the people sitting next to me,’” Jennifer says. “It's a big win for us as stylists when our clients not only love the garments, but they feel great in them. And they want to share that experience with us.”

The stylists love seeing the growth and evolution that clients experience once they discover clothing that fits properly. Additionally, in working with their own stylist, clients develop their own style preferences based on their needs and way of life. Christine and Jennifer both attest to the changes they see when they’ve helped a man discover his style.

“They most certainly grow in confidence and understanding of how things should fit them. They come to realize that a beautifully fitting garment truly makes them look good and feel good,” Christine shares.

“We’re just trying to build clothing for them where you can’t go wrong. Our goal is to put garments together in colors and styles that pair back to one another; similar to a capsule wardrobe. This allows for options for more than one look. Not only does that make it easier for our clients to decide what to wear each day, but by getting multiple outfit options for each piece, they are getting more use out of each item,” Jennifer says.

Another benefit to shopping with J.Hilburn is the company’s commitment to sustainability. By creating garments for each individual customer at the time that they need them, as opposed to producing many garments made in bulk, the company prevents many tons of wasted garments ending up in landfills. “We reject fast fashion and endeavor to reduce throwaway culture by thoughtfully designing and producing high-quality custom-made clothing that fits your lifestyle. Our products are more than made-to-fit — they’re made to last.” (jhilburn.com)

Clothing trends evolve with the seasons, with popular tv shows, and, as we’re seeing now, global events. If you want to discover your style, have questions about current trends, or are ready to have clothing with your name on it, pay a visit to J.Hilburn. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the price and thrilled when the compliments you never received before start rolling in. 

Christine and Jennifer also add that they are always looking to help new customers, but J.HIlburn is growing so fast they are looking for more stylists to work with them. It is a great opportunity to start your own business by becoming a personal stylist with J.Hilburn and working with a great community of stylists. They encourage anyone who may want to learn more about becoming a customer or a stylist to stop into the showroom to learn more.

It's a big win for us as stylists when our clients not only love the garments, but they feel great in them.

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