Happy 5th Anniversary Westport Lifestyle Magazine!

Happy 5th anniversary to Westport Lifestyle Magazine!

Since our first 36-page issue in June 2018, we’ve watched it grow steadily through some unprecedented times.

It reminds me of what Paul Newman said about his “salad king” (vinaigrette), “The spunky little bugger gathered itself up, it welded on its knuckles, and it started slugging. It kicked the bejeezus out of all available contenders.”

We owe this to the fine folks of Westport and Weston. You can’t throw a rock around here without injuring someone with a fascinating story.

To talk about everyone who’s been in WLM would take another five years. So we’ll super-skim a smattering of the highlights

Let’s start with Michael Bolton, a truly gracious celebrity who toughed it out until well into his thirties before becoming wildly successful.

He welcomed us into his home. We ate lunch at his dining room table, amid his endless trophies and awards. During our interview and photo shoot, he asked if we wanted to listen to his latest song. He sat at his piano while we draped ourselves around his “music room” and listened to the pop icon’s latest drop.

While we were quietly wondering how to best get a photo of ourselves with him, he asked his assistant, “Would you mind taking a photo of all of us?” Delighted, we crowded around him and “allowed” her to photograph us with one of the most famous stars in music history.

Martha Stewart, the OG influencer! We “got” her fresh off of a brilliant and gorgeous spread in Harper’s Bazaar. 

Then Christian Siriano moved to town. We toured his new home and viewed his boyfriend, Kyle’s, inaugural pieces for his clothing line, Future Lovers of Tomorrow.

At that point, he had hinted at a store in Westport, a store with other local “vendors” (code word for purveyors of gorgeous high-end wares, including jewelry and art.)

Now we’ve enjoyed several events at his venue, The Collective West. We marvel at his generosity, inclusiveness, and surprisingly affordable line of denim.

Now Shonda Rhimes! Okay, first: thank you, Shonda, for moving to Westport. Second: thank you for absolutely everything else in the world you’ve done. Not only has Shonda created multiple binge-able shows (please refer to our May issue) but also created, wrote a bestselling memoir, is a spokesmodel for St. John, is… you know what? It’s all in the May issue.

Thank you, Westport and Weston! We couldn’t do it without you! Seriously. There’s no way.

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