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Refresh Your Space For Spring

Quick Spring Cleaning And Organizing Projects

The term “Spring Cleaning” gets a bad rap. It implies a whole lot of work when you’d rather be outside enjoying the first blissful days of spring. No one really enjoys getting down on their hands and knees and wiping down the baseboards, do they? Over the years I have found that the process of spring cleaning doesn’t have to be daunting. In fact, when broken into smaller, manageable projects it can actually be fun! The key is simple: start small. Pick one mini project that you can complete in an hour. Next week, tackle a two-hour job. As you work your way from space to space, you’ll gain momentum that will carry you forward. Before you know it your spring cleaning + organizing projects will be behind you. “But what can I do in one hour?” you might be wondering. So glad you asked! Here are a few of my favorite “quick win” projects that will help you refresh your home for spring in under an hour.

The only thing better than the feeling of checking all those spring-cleaning tasks off your list is sitting back and enjoying the fruits of your labor—a clean, well-functioning home. I hope these project ideas help inspire you to find a new way to love your space this season. Enjoy spring!

Suzette is an interior organizing and design consultant in Northern Colorado.  For more organizing and interior design ideas, you can follow her on Instagram (@built4four) or her home blog at

Upgrade Your Cleaning Caddy

Choosing cleaning products that feel good to use can transform a necessary chore into a pleasurable experience. Consider treating yourself to an upgrade! To invigorate your spring-cleaning efforts, choose a small container you love and fill it with upgraded basics. My cleaning caddy includes essential oil, counter spray, and glass cleaner in refillable glass bottles (I like Grove collaborative concentrates), fresh microfiber cloths, and Magic Erasers.

Corral Chargers

Choose a compartmentalized storage container or a drawer divider insert and purchase a roll of double-sided velcro. Sort chargers by type, discarding, or donating chargers to outdated electronics. Then bundle the keepers and secure each one with about an inch of the velcro. When you use a charger, remove it from its new home and leave the velcro in its place so it’s ready and waiting when it’s time to put the charger back.

Deep Clean Your Bedding

Start by stripping all bedding, including bed skirts, and run them through a deep clean or sanitize cycle on your washing machine. Sprinkle baking soda on the mattress and let sit before vacuuming with a vacuum attachment. Wipe down head and footboards and vacuum under the bed before replacing bedding. Consider swapping out heavy winter bedding for a lightweight comforter or a fresh duvet cover. Crisp white throw pillows can also add a quick pick-me-up look!

Clean a Bathroom Drawer

Choose a drawer you use often (your top drawer is a great place to start). Empty everything onto the counter and toss trash and expired or used-up products. Relocate anything that belongs elsewhere. Vacuum out inside of the drawer with a vacuum attachment and wipe down drawer and organizer inserts. If you want to incorporate drawer organizer inserts, now is the time to measure and plan. Place remaining items back in place, cleaning off as necessary.

Clean Up Workspace

Clear clutter off your desk or workstation by incorporating a wall-mounted storage system, like this board from IKEA, in your office space. Shelves and hooks help keep frequently used supplies visible and out of the way. Clips allow you to store important paperwork in an easily accessible way. I also love a unit like this by the back door to hold mail, school papers, and keys!

Maintain Your Kitchen Appliances

Maintaining my kitchen appliances is something that tends to fall to the back burner. Spring cleaning is the perfect time to show those hardworking appliances, both big and small, some love. Fill the sink with hot soapy water and pull out your food processors, waffle makers, and crockpots. Wipe them down, scrubbing the crevices with a scrub brush or a magic eraser. Shine up the surface of stainless-steel appliances using a stainless-steel cleaner.