Reimagining Healthcare For Women of All Ages

Diana Health has created an innovative and soulful approach to women’s medical needs

It’s no secret the US spends more on healthcare than any other country. The decline in women’s health is also well-documented. The co-founders of Diana Health began to reimagine possibilities that could truly impact the outcomes of their patients. Together they created a model of care that’s getting results and growing in demand. They now have three locations in Middle Tennessee – Smyrna, Springfield, and Cookeville. 

There are a few things that make Diana Health unique. They strived to raise the standard and build a warm, genuine experience that addresses an individual’s health. You’ll find both OBs and midwives at their spa-like facility. Diana Health offers a wide range of services, from a patient’s first menstrual cycle through menopause and beyond. It’s a common misconception that midwives only deliver babies. However, the Certified Nurse Midwives (CNMs) at Diana Health are fully equipped to assist women of all ages with various health needs. In addition, appointments are generous in time so that clients have time to connect, ask questions, and build trust with their medical team. They’ve also added enhanced features such as wellness coaching, mental health services, and education classes. This highly-intelligent, modernized, soulful care is available to anyone, including self-pay, Medicaid, or commercial insurance members. 

Diana Health first partnered with Tristar Stonecrest Medical Center in Smyrna. Before opening, they worked on policy development to ensure hospital labor & delivery practices were updated and current as they serve a large population of expectant families. The use of movement in labor, hands-on support, low-intervention induction methods when needed, and shared decision-making with all patients have resulted in more vaginal deliveries. The evidence is clear that this model of care is best for low-risk women. They’ve seen a dramatic decrease in the primary Cesarean rate, and patient satisfaction surveys are overwhelmingly positive. One patient said, “Not only has this clinic helped me physically recover, they have a therapist in the office to help you navigate any challenges. I finally found a place that I trust completely with my health.” 

Having a baby is a transformative and vulnerable time, and Diana Health is proactively helping its clients build a support community. They frequently host local events and online classes focusing specifically on women’s health topics, childbirth, lactation, and group exercise classes. Details and registration links can be found on their website. 

VP of Clinical Operations Margaret Buxton believes this care shouldn’t be unique. She has a vision for this simple yet effective wrap-around approach to be available to every woman at all stages of life. Here is a list of services for every age at Diana Health.

Recommended Women’s Health Checklist*

IN YOUR TEENS: Reach out if you experience problems or concerns.

IN YOUR 20s: Schedule a well-woman exam with lab tests annually. A pap smear is generally taken every three years, with HPV testing every five years.

IN YOUR 30s: Consider pre-conception counseling if you are growing your family. Diabetes testing may start at 35 and be offered every three years.

IN YOUR 40s: Discuss any perimenopause symptoms and a plan for breast cancer checks with your provider. Begin colon cancer screenings at age 45.

IN YOUR 50’s: Mammograms are recommended every 1-2 years. Consider regular bone density scans at this age and discuss lung cancer monitoring.

*Frequency may vary based on lifestyle and health history.

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“Best doctor’s visit ever! Everyone is amazing. Not only is the environment spa-like, the staff also makes you feel very taken care of and special.” 

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