Reinvent with a Remodel

Alison and Bob Turner Bring Style & Trust to Their Remodeling Business in Adopted Hometown

Article by Sharla Davenport

Photography by Holly Farrow

Originally published in Celina Lifestyle

Alison Turner and her husband, Bob, have remodeled and designed their homes too many times to count. It wasn’t until they moved to Celina that the couple turned this hobby into a career.

The Turners relocated to Celina as empty nesters looking for a change of lifestyle. Bob was working a job in the construction business, but Alison always had a passion and interest in home décor, real estate, and remodeling.  When the Turners remodeled their Celina home, they quickly noticed the high-quality work and ethic from the construction crew. They had not experienced this before and wanted to share this opportunity with others.

They formed Bob Turner Construction, a company that focuses on home remodeling and renovation with a focus on 100% customer service. The company performs every aspect of a remodel and renovation. It uses an experienced team of workers for all facets of the job – plumbing, tilework, paint, and interior design. All in all, the team has over 20 years’ experience in the business – a one-stop shop located locally here in Celina.  

Bob Turner serves as general contractor with Alison focusing on project management using her expertise from over thirty-years in the corporate world. Alison knows there is an order and a process to get tasks done, with communication as the cornerstone of this focus. 

Another benefit is that the Turners use their own trusted crews, the same people who worked on their house. Alison noted, “People like to do business with their neighbor, someone local.  People want to know the business is trustworthy and will be around.”

This motto has been successful for the company as their business has doubled over the last year, mostly due to word-of-mouth advertising. Alison believes this is because of the quality of work and customer service, something the company values above all else. 

Alison cautions that often a DIY project can be more expensive versus hiring a contractor.  It can cost more to do things twice. For example, picking out a paint color from a small “teeny tiny sample” may not look anything like imagined, according to Alison, so you end up repainting.  She continues, “trying to save money is worse than doing it right the first time. One size does not fit all.” 

Using a contractor provides project management plus makes the process less overwhelming.  It is also good for interior design decisions.  Alison says when it comes to design, “Keep it true to you. Trends will change, but stick to a timeless, classic look you will always be happy with.”  Alison prefers not to rely on trends, but to create spaces with a timeless beauty. 

The Turners love their adopted hometown, especially the small-town, country feel of Celina. Alison recalled during the freeze last February how neighbors rallied “like the calvary” to help a family when a pipe burst.  The Turners value the genuine friendliness within the community. 

Alison hopes Celina will stay that way even with the pending growth. She says, they may “not be from here originally but are happy to be here. Now, we are from here.”

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