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Reliable, Private and Professional

Experience an Unparalleled Private Chauffeur Experience with Cleveland Corporate Limousine Services

Article by Erin Baka

Photography by Cleveland Corporate Limousine Services

Originally published in Medina County Lifestyle

Wade Gilcher, owner of Cleveland Corporate Limousine Services, didn't grow up thinking he wanted to go into the limo business. Yet, early in his career, he discovered he had a talent for building relationships. It was then that he realized his potential under the late Frank Pistone, former owner of A Touch of Class Limousine in Valley City.

"This is when I experienced a very blessed time in my life,” says Wade. "Initially, I served as a part-time chauffeur for Frank, and soon I was driving All-Star Players to and from games, hotels and the airport, as well as catering to famous clients during milestone events such as the World Series. Driving the top 50 NBA All-Star players while they were in Cleveland is one of my fondest memories, and would be any sports fan’s dream come true. It was because of our professionalism that they used our services; from the way we presented ourselves to the style and cleanliness of our vehicles. I wasn’t star-struck because all our clients were treated like stars. It did help me realize, however, that I was adept at building short or long-term client relations, regardless of personality and status type.” 

This client experience is the very mantra Wade explains is the secret to his success today. Reliable, private and professional — these things have been key to distinguishing Wade’s limousine services since 2013 and into the era of “technology public transportation” (Uber or Lyft).  

“Training the right employee is the first step to a world-class customer experience. It’s important that my chauffeurs and I understand our roles as they pertain to our clients.  We must always be anticipating our client’s next move. Do they need a pick-up a week from now? Do they need to stop anywhere? How can I cater to their experience or needs? This attention to detail is simply not found with your typical Uber or Lyft experience.”

It's no surprise that a client of Cleveland Corporate Limousine Services is treated like family from the very beginning. Wade explains: “I prefer speaking on the telephone to [a prospective] client so I can ask questions, which allows me to anticipate [their] every need. I build lifelong relationships. I take you to the airport and then pick you back up a week later. I drive the car at your daughter’s wedding and eventually, I’m picking up 7-year-olds for a special birthday party – all in the same family. There is trust and security. Therefore, Cleveland Corporate Limousine Services is different.”  

In addition to his longstanding relationships, Wade has one more layer that separates him from the pack even further, and that layer is security. “I have a history with personal protection services — body guarding celebrities to high profile individuals. There isn’t any other car service that currently offers both services in one place. Our sister company, Cleveland Corporate Protection Services, is a fully licensed private security firm.  As a parent, if I’m sending a car to pick up my daughter at the airport, I would want to know that she will arrive safely at our home. We take pride in knowing that our chauffeurs are professionally trained and classically uniformed in black suits, dress shoes, a white collared dress shirt and a red tie. All of our chauffeurs have complete background checks, are properly licensed and are tenured industry veterans.”

Are you ready to book a ride? Visit or call 855.867.2270 for more information. There is an option to make a reservation online, but expect a call from Wade to ensure your trip is the best that it can be.