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SLM General Contractors & Roofing Prioritizes Exceptional Customer Service While Delivering Top-Notch Remodeling, Roofing Services

In the realm of home improvement, finding a reliable and skilled contractor can often be a daunting task. With a commitment to delivering top-notch, personalized service, the SLM General Contractors & Roofing team established themselves as a leading, residential general contracting company. The company offers comprehensive coverage for a wide range of services for homeowners looking to enhance both the interior and exterior of their homes.

Founded in 2014 by Sergio Maldonado, SLM General Contractors and Roofing was born out of a desire to revolutionize the industry by providing exceptional training, strong leadership and unparalleled customer service. 

SLM General Contractors and Roofing is a full-range roofing and construction company offering residential and commercial services to McKinney and surrounding areas. Sergio says he and his team offer services designed to help clients achieve the space of their dreams. "While general maintenance will help preserve a home or a commercial space, major repairs and remodels will improve appearance, function and value," he reminds.

Recognizing the unique nature of each client, home and project, Sergio says he is committed to delivering tailored residential general contracting solutions. This commitment translates into unparalleled coverage for customers, encompassing various aspects such as designing home additions, room conversions, remodeling and renovating specific elements within homes, as well as expertise in carpentry, masonry, plumbing, electrical and HVAC services.

SLM General Contractors and Roofing is known by being committed to excellence. 

“The roofing and remodeling field is fiercely competitive, which is why we are committed to offering unparalleled quality of service and service of the highest caliber on any assignment,” says Sergio. “Our team goes above and beyond what is expected to provide a great customer experience every time.”

Sergio states that SLM General Contractors & Roofing's commitment ensures the highest quality work and service possible. It includes using pristine designs, top-of-the-line materials and providing superior customer service. This helps give clients confidence their project will be completed to their satisfaction. 

An initial consultation gathers information on the scope of the project, Sergio outlines. Next, a site visit will help gather additional information, including the client’s budget, to determine the project’s feasibility and next steps. After the site visit, a timeline will be established, and a preconstruction service agreement will be put in place that will contain project details. All clients that enter into a preconstruction services agreement will receive a personalized project cost before committing to any actual construction services. For projects that aren't as complex and don't require custom selections, clients don't need to enter into a preconstruction services agreement, Sergio adds. 

SLM General Contractors & Roofing team members also have extensive experience in property repairs and rebuilding where a property insurance claim is in place. Sergio says he and his team know how to navigate insurance and mortgage companies’ documentation and communication processes, working hard to help local property owners after a disaster. 

Sergio believes unmatched dedication to quality, communication and customer service is what sets SLM General Contractors & Roofing apart from its competitors. Sergio says they take time to listen to clients' requests and concerns to make sure they are happy and satisfied with the results, working to build long-term relationships with every client. 


"You can count on our expert team to get the job done." 

"Repairs and remodels improve appearance, function and value."