Renaissance Man

James McKenna’s Steel Art Shines at Gallery Veronique

Article by Elizabeth A. Lowry

Photography by Elizabeth A. Lowry

Originally published in Loveland Lifestyle

Although Veronique Hammons, owner of Gallery Veronique, often counts on her extensive travels to fill her carefully curated gallery with pieces from around the world, she’s also found creators she loves right here in town. 

Veronique was already familiar with Loveland artist James McKenna (their children both attended the same school), but it wasn’t until she saw his work showcased at the Loveland Art Show that she realized how much it spoke to her. “He was displaying some steel tables he made,” she explains. “They were gorgeous! I was hooked on the idea of having someone local doing something in a medium I did not have yet in the gallery.” 

Another draw was that James is a true Renaissance man. “He is talented in all kinds of mediums … [as] a writer, photographer, singer and metal worker,” Veronique explains. “He’s definitely a free spirit, always thinking about how textures contrast or blend with each other and how it makes him feel—giving each piece a tremendous sense of energy.”

James McKenna 

James grew up in Oakley and moved to Loveland in 2006. Although he briefly attended Kent State University’s school of art, he considers himself largely a self-trained artist. 

And, while he works in a variety of artistic styles, James has found himself focusing on sculpture for the past year and a half—and credits Veronique for giving the wider world the opportunity to see his metalwork.  

“I’m an art outsider with no art world connections … Veronique generously offered to give me a chance,” he explains. “It’s gone pretty well, and I was grateful for the offer—Veronique has excellent taste.” | 11364 Montgomery Rd. | 513.530.5379

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