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Renovation Flooring Puts People First

Fast-growing company tops Seminole 100 list and credits success to investing in workforce education

 “Do it right.”  That is a great motto to lead within any business, but in today’s world, “doing it right” is not always first on the list. Destin City Lifestyle recently visited with Renovation Flooring’s owner, Mike Anderson to learn how they live out their mission:

“Our mission is to provide our customers with a pleasurable, efficient buying experience by offering first quality products, professional installation, industry-leading technology, and a hyper-knowledgeable staff. “

Mike and Crissie Anderson have grown a small flooring store into a 10,000 sq. ft. showroom with additional divisions in retail and distribution. Last year, they received the Seminole 100 award for their rapid growth. They were in the Top 3 of Florida State University's alumni-owned businesses.

But wait…the story actually starts with Mike at 16 working with his dad in the carpet business doing measurements and grunt work.  He vowed NEVER to go into the flooring business.  After finishing high school, it was off to Gulf Coast State College and Florida State University for degrees in Pre-Med and Criminology. He also earned an Underwater Crime Scene Certification and became a diving instructor while working on his Master’s Degree.

After graduation, Mike and Crissie worked hard to make ends meet.  Mike sold jet skis, motorcycles and wave runners until the dealership sold in 2008.  Mike started job hunting and there it was, a flooring store looking for a salesperson. Mike found his niche, turning that store around. Moving to another store, past customers called him and he got referral after referral.  So, Mike and Crissie sat down and decided to go full throttle into the flooring industry.  Mike came up with a business plan that was above and beyond anything any other flooring company does.

“We are super blessed to have all of this, it’s been a really cool experience,” Mike said about the growth of Renovation Flooring.

They have a distribution wing of the business, Payfin, named after their two daughters - Payton and Finleigh. And, their e-commerce site which launched only four years ago already makes up 40% of the business. In 2020, they gained 850 Cabinets as a sister company and added high-quality cabinetry to their catalog.

In response to the question “What makes you different?”, Mike replied,

“I am most proud of our people.  We are our employees.  The biggest investment we make is in our employees.  We have the right people.  We have been super blessed with great talent.” 

Renovation Flooring’s values have guided them well:

Family Orientated

We will always make family a top priority, as it’s family that drives our success.


We will be honest with each other and our customers, even when it is not honesty they desire to hear.


We will continually educate ourselves in all aspects of our job and use our education to improve the lives of our coworkers, colleagues, and customers.


We will respect our time and the time of others by continuously looking for ways to be efficient and implementing those ways in every aspect of our job.


We will always strive to do the right thing, no matter who is watching.


We will find ways to be generous to our peers, community, and colleagues.


We will continuously make every effort to make work a fun, enjoyable environment where we desire to be instead of “have to be”. 

Renovation Flooring also pours into the community as much as possible. They are a constant sponsor of the Destin Charity Wine Auction Foundation, as well as a Gold Level sponsor for the Emerald Coast Honor Games.  Habitat for Humanity, Hard Hats & High Heels, Building Homes For Heroes, and local sports.

Mike and Crissie, married for 15 years, share two daughters - 13 & 10 - and an Australian Shepherd.  Stop by the store to create your dream flooring and more!


  • Photo Credit: Jordon Horn

“Our mission is to provide our customers with a pleasurable, efficient buying experience by offering first quality products, professional installation, industry-leading technology, and a hyper-knowledgeable staff."