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Repair and Restore with Optim Cryotherapy

Foster a New Year of Feeling Better Inside and Out

Recover. Relieve. Restore. These are the goals that owner Shelly Forbes has for every client she sees at Optim Cryotherapy. As a former pharmacist, she formed these goals after seeing firsthand the many ailments people experience. In fact, it was specifically after watching a young athlete struggle with an ankle injury that Shelly started Optim Cryotherapy. She knew there had to be a better way to heal and recover besides the regular “rest and ice.” 

Shelly describes our bodies as self-healing. That's why the treatments at Optim Cryotherapy, as well as other forms of homeopathic therapy, work to assist the body in repairing and restoring weakened and injured cells. Whether that be a rolled ankle, post-surgery recovery, arthritis, back pain or diminishing fine lines – cryotherapy can foster a new year of feeling better inside and out. 

The first machine Shelly purchased was KAASEN, which uses carbon dioxide to take the focused area skin temperature to just below 39 degrees. As the area slowly warms, the body sends cells whose job it is to repair and restore the area as well as decrease inflammation and swelling. This method not only helps decrease injury recovery time, but it can also speed up the recovery time from surgery as well as reduce pain experienced from ailments such as arthritis and back pain. 

KAASEN’s carbon dioxide also has cosmetic benefits like body sculpting, diminishing wrinkles, increasing collagen production, improving skin tone and tightening saggy skin. Shelly even offers cryotherapy parties so everyone can try it and see first-hand the results. Cryo facials are also a neat treatment; they are very relaxing and offer an alternative to Botox.

If one of your goals for the new year is to lose weight and gain muscle, Optim Cryotherapy has a multifunctional body-shaping and muscle-building device called an X-TONE. It uses electromagnetic energy to stimulate the muscles through intense bursts, which cause muscles to undergo painless high-frequency contractions. These contractions use a lot of energy and trigger the breakdown of fat cell membranes, accelerating the reduction of unwanted fat deposits while simultaneously building muscle. Shelly explains that this machine can be used for muscle maintenance during recovery from a surgery or injury, as well as help with pelvic floor strengthening, athletic recovery, sciatic pain relief and abdominal muscle repair. 

Optim Cryotherapy is about optimal well-being and Shelly’s newest equipment, SLIMYONIK Body Styler, can benefit anyone looking for overall wellness and health. This machine uses a pressure wave massage to boost metabolism and target deep layers of connective tissue to jump-start the detoxification process.

As a result, waste and body debris get broken down, washed out and eliminated. Shelly explains our lymphatic system is the garbage disposal system of the body and is not self-contained. The Body Styler helps to improve the transportation of the lymph fluids and assists in keeping the job of the lymphatic system draining waste materials that are produced by every cell within the body so that congestion doesn't build up.

The Body Styler is also a useful tool for athletes interested in sports massage to remove lactic acid for faster recovery. The Body Styler contains 12 chambers per side that initially scan the body to determine the size and pressure points between both legs and arms. This allows the device to provide the correct pressure to each leg or arm independently, even when one limb has more or less mass.

Additionally, Shelly sees clients who suffer from swelling postpartum. The Body Styler supports the body’s elimination of excess water caused by standing or sitting all day. Overall, it’s a custom-tailored pressure therapy massage that also helps reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Whether it's to relieve muscle soreness from your winter runs or to aid in recovery from a recent surgery — Shelly welcomes you to come in for a free consultation. This will help by identifying where your needs lie and where you will most benefit. Go into 2023 happy, healthy and restored! Make an appointment for a free consultation with Shelly by calling 330.421.2027, visiting or emailing

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