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Repurpose Cardboard Boxes with Your Kids


Article by Hayley Hyer

Photography by Stock Images

If you're avoiding the stores right now and doing most of your shopping online, you're probably getting lots of cardboard boxes piling up at your house. Obviously, it's great to break them down and recycle. But, you can also find some fun ways to repurpose the boxes and use them with your kids! Check out these fun DIY ideas.

How to Make a Birdhouse from a Box

"Teach kids to give back to nature with this upcycled cardboard box birdhouse craft. We’re reusing our Green Kid Crafts box today and turning it into a home for birds!"
—Green Kid Crafts
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Pet Bed Created From Upcycled Cardboard Box

"Pamper your Pets with a custom made retreat using a cardboard box, metallic spray paint and simple supplies."
Christina Pennywise

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Turn a Plain Cardboard Box Into a Super Cool Playhouse With this Easy DIY

"This DIY cardboard box playhouse will help ignite your kids’ imaginations — and it’s totally easy to make. The best part? The playhouse collapses down flat when the kids are done playing with it, so it’s super easy to store and won’t clutter up the house."
—She Knows
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Upcycle a Box Into a Kid's Play Stove for Under $5

"How I upcycled a cardboard box and turned it into a kid's play stove for less than $5."
—DIY Tanya
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