Repurposing Your Space

Creative Tips from Cathy Tonks, Designs With You in Mind

1. Consider taking low-traffic spaces in your home and repurposing them into functional rooms. For example, a client had a dedicated room in their home for formal dining; however, the room was far too small for a large table and was very rarely used. As the need for a home office arose, they found that the unused dining room would be the perfect space for a home office. Their kitchen nook was then turned into a beautiful formal dining area that took advantage of the scenic views they had of Folsom Lake and it had plenty of natural light. 

2. In the same example, to bring the outdoors inside, a strategically placed art piece featuring a water landscape mirrored the view outside the window, and a touch of greenery provided warmth without overwhelming the space.

3. When it comes to interior design tips, proper rug size is crucial. Many people tend to choose rugs that are too small, but the average rug size should be around 9x12 feet to anchor the dining area effectively. Similarly, the chandelier should be proportionate to the table size, not exceeding its dimensions. Setting it in six inches on each side is a good guideline to follow.

4. Selecting fabric for chairs is also important. Performance fabrics like Crypton are recommended for dining rooms as they are resistant to spills and can be easily cleaned with a bleach solution, making them ideal for households with children or frequent entertaining.

5. For a curated and custom look, matching chairs are not necessary. Combining different chair styles adds a unique touch to the dining room. In a traditional setting, using head chairs and smaller-scale side chairs creates a personalized and inviting atmosphere.

Consider the space that you have versus the space that you need and don't be afraid to move things around to keep your home both beautiful and functional.

Cathy Tonks specializes in luxury design-build projects in the greater Sacramento area with projects ranging from kitchen and bathroom remodels to new home construction and furnishings. @designswithyouinmind 

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