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Whole Home Organization Team Leads Way To Custom Designed Wall Beds And Cabinets

With significantly more people now working from home or combining hybrid work approaches, it can be tempting to 'steal' that extra bedroom to parlay it into a private office. But what happens now when the bed setup is truly needed? One organizational professional says the terrific news is that homeowners can take care of both needs with functional, stylish wall bed executions.

Charles Palko, general manager at Closet Factory Philadelphia, says, "Our Murphy bed multipurpose space will reflect the style of your choosing, whether it's contemporary, eclectic, Asian or traditional. We have the elements you’ll need to achieve your favorite look. You’ll also find the materials, finishes and embellishments you prefer to personalize the design so that it fully complements your space."

In fact, Charles outlines a variety of other beneficial options, such as Murphy bed designs with kitchenettes that are perfect for relatives' visits; a teen room with media arrangements; a dynamic living room wall unit; a wine bar for a guest room; a tween style bed for children; and micro living designs for urban spaces.

Closet Factory clients can add custom-made drawers, doors and shelving into their Murphy bed projects to enjoy the space in a variety of ways.

"If it’s simplicity you're seeking, then our simple bed enclosures will work well for you. If you’re envisioning an entire room of cabinets, then we'll provide a solution that's built to optimize your entire space while seamlessly blending with any existing décor. Our custom wall beds and cabinetry are always designed with functionality in mind, while seeking to expand the usable space and completely enhance the look of any room in your home," he adds. 

Complimentary virtual and in-home design consultations can be arranged. Charles outlines their straightforward process as first collaborating with clients to uncover wants and needs, doing a site measure, discussing a workspace wish list, inventorying home equipment, reviewing budgets and establishing a timeline for delivery. Then they use 3-D design software to compose each unique space, followed by personalizing the built-ins, with clients approving the final design.

"Along the way, we can share plenty of inspirational images to help with decisions," he says. "Simply put, if you’re not happy, neither are we. This is why we put so much emphasis on the collaborative process between you and your designer."

"Our results are elegant, flexible and transformative," he adds.

Showroom (available through appointments):  7 Eves Drive, Suite 150, Marlton, NJ 08053