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Put Down the Screen and Pick Up a Book

“I’m obviously very pro–physical book,” says Sunday Bookshop’s owner, Dixie Frenchette. “I love how it feels in my hands, actually seeing the progress I make as I read, and of course, filling a bookshelf.”

New year goals often center around fitness and physical health. However, many of us overlook the opportunity to create positive mental health habits. 

“I have found that being on my phone for long periods leads to having higher anxiety levels,” says Frenchette. “When I put the phone down and spend more time reading, it allows me to focus solely on one thing, and my anxiety goes way down because it’s impossible to multitask when reading. It also allows you to escape in a way that movies and television don’t allow because you use your brain to visualize the characters and the setting.”

If you’re not accustomed to reading for pleasure, it can be hard to know where to start. “Set a goal to read a certain number of minutes each day,” Frenchette shares. “It can be as little as five minutes, but I can almost guarantee that once you start, you will quickly be reading more.”

“Pick books that you want to read,” she continues. “I don’t subscribe to the idea of “guilty” pleasures; reading is a hobby and should be fun. Don’t be ashamed if you want to read only girly romances or books about slaying dragons. If you’re reading things that excite and entertain you, you’re more likely to keep picking up that book.” | @sundaybookshop