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Resplendent Ranch

How RSL Outdoor Blended Beauty and Function in a Breathtaking Boulder Property

When it came to conceptualizing the design for the outdoor living areas of this stunning Boulder home, RSL Outdoor General Manager John Herron notes that there was a significant prevailing factor working in his team’s favor.

“The location of this project was a gift in and of itself,” says John. “Our design had to wed a working cattle farm with the natural beauty surrounding the house, and the views really served as our inspiration.”

A design-build company that specializes in collaborating with clients up and down the Front Range to create exceptional outdoor spaces, RSL Outdoor designed, built and managed every aspect of this home’s outdoor construction. Gathering inspiration from the breathtaking panorama of Boulder Valley, the Flatirons, the Indian Peaks and the Front Range that serves as the property’s backdrop, the team at RSL Outdoor worked to blend function and style to create a highly usable, wholly beautiful outdoor oasis in sync with the home’s natural surroundings.

Seeking a material that could withstand the hardships of direct sun, pool water and heavy foot traffic prevalent on the patio and deck area, RSL Outdoor utilized a unique outdoor porcelain tile designed to be non-porous, slip resistant and incredibly durable. Used on over 6,000 square feet of patio and pool deck space, the tile serves a vital function while also playing a dominant role in the outdoor space’s overall aesthetic.

Complementing the tile is the Colorado Buff Stained Face Flagstone used for all of the space’s vertical and horizontal wall applications, as well as the swimming pool coping. A unique local touch, this flagstone is sourced from Masonville, Colorado, and projects a timeless natural beauty onto the environment.

Vital to bringing the entire project together, notes John, is the outdoor lighting, which RSL Outdoor used to give both personality and purpose to the space. The low voltage LED lighting allows for customizable color and dimming capabilities as well as fun options to personalize lighting zones around holidays and special events. Combine these thoughtfully selected elements with the property’s stunning natural skyline views and this home boasts a welcoming outdoor living area in tune with its natural, quintessentially Colorado environment.

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  • Porcelain
  • Designed for outdoor application
  • Non-porous, slip resistant and highly durable


  • Colorado Buff Stained Face Flagstone
  • Sourced from Masonville, CO
  • Timeless, classic aesthetic


  • FX Luminaire
  • Low voltage LED
  • Customizable, coloring, dimming and zoning capabilities
  • Colorado Buff Stained Face Stripstone – Masonville, CO
  • FX Luminaire Light fixture