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Restoring Confidence

An Upscale Salon With A Big Heart

As a stay-at-home mom, Jessica Mobley started doing hair inside her home in Nashville. As her clientele grew (and even included some well-known names), she knew she needed her own salon.

“It grew into something bigger than I was expecting, so on May 1st, 2018, I opened 931 Beauty Co., a hair salon in Columbia,” she says. “We started with four stations, then went to six, then eight and now we're at 10.” Plans are also in the works to expand even more to cover the entire 4000 square feet of the floor, while still keeping that warm, calming atmosphere.

“The number one thing we hear from clients is that the vibe in here is so welcoming and fun,” says Manager, Vanessa Martini. “It's kind of like an escape.”

They want people to feel comfortable as soon as they enter. Beauty, believes Jessica, is in everyone. “When you walk into a salon, you shouldn't feel like you need to be completely changed, but instead you just need to emphasize your confidence. If we can bring that out in a woman and have her eyes light up, there's nothing like it in the world.”

Treating hair loss is a particular passion project for her. “I’ve had people cry in my chair,” she says. “They may be women who have gone through chemo or have been through a lot of stress, or they are men suffering from premature balding.” Jessica continues, “This pandemic has caused an immense amount of pharmaceutical and stress-related hair loss in men and women, so we really focus on non-surgical hair restoration. We have non-surgical mesh integration and products and vitamins to treat hair loss.”

Of course, 931 Beauty Co. also offers all the basics such as haircuts, styling, hair color, and color fixing. Stylists can add extensions and beauty experts can apply makeup. The salon also trains others who want to become stylists.

Various luxury hair care products such as Oribe, UNITE, and OLIPLEX are available too. “I believe in every product we sell and if you don't like it, please bring it back,” she says. Bring out your own beauty and confidence.

  • Vanessa Martini, Salon Manager (L) and Jessie Mobley, Owner (R)