Restoring Joy

Shannon and Burt Wright make it their business to help bring young cancer patients hope

Shannon and Burt Wright, owners of hair restoration studio Absolute Image Consulting, understand that living in gratitude is simple after seeing sick children still radiate joy. 

As experts helping men and women with non-surgical hair loss replacement, the Wrights have also assisted children experiencing illness-related alopecia. They give everyone the same level of service and care, and understand that restoring natural-looking hair means restoring self-confidence, too. 

Last month, the Wrights and Williams Cancer Foundation held their first Phoenix Benefit, which raised $17,000 to continue cancer research, help people receive treatment and recover emotionally.  We talked to the Wrights about their unique business and how they’ve remained grounded and grateful.

RCL:  What inspired you to give back to kids in need?

Shannon and Burt Wright: We periodically saw children with hair loss for one reason or another, whose parents were dealing with a mountain of expenses from medical bills. It took just one time seeing a single mother's heart sink when she heard how expensive it would be, for us to realize we could do more to help her and her little girl. So, we offered our service for free and helped with the cost of the products. When we finally attached her hair, that little girl's eyes got so big and bright, and her mother, aunt and dad were all crying. We realized what this meant. 

Q: This is a season of giving. Why is generosity and giving so important to you?

A: My husband and I both came from very humble beginnings, and it was a struggle to break through. We both know what it means to want and, more importantly, to need something just out of reach. Providing for someone in that same situation is priceless to us. 

Q: How can readers get involved and help?

A: We just held our inaugural benefit event and saw how generous and caring people can be. That was a great start to something we hope to continue for many years. We plan to hold the next event in early spring 2024. We hope people stay connected and inspired to help. And when they see the announcement for the next event, we hope they will join us. 

Q: Your business is truly an extension of your generous spirit. What drives you?

A: Absolute Image Consulting Inc. is a unique business. We come to work every day to make someone's life better. We accomplish that all day. We’re an art studio, a therapist center, a life coach studio, an escape, and a place for healing, self-expression, and self-discovery. It’s a dream come true. We aren't just part of our community, we are our community. You can see our work at the grocery store, the ball game, the board meeting, the neighborhood pool and on network television. We’re everywhere, but you would never know it, and that’s the goal!


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