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Restore Hyper Wellness in Midlothian Welcomes Local Ladies to Try Their Services

Article by Joanna Tannenbaum

Photography by Nia Negrette Photography

Originally published in Midlothian Lifestyle

In March, Midlothian Lifestyle partners Navona Hart of Century 21 at Home; Greer Jones of Greer Jones Properties; Melissa Oefelein of Keller Williams West; Shirley Dillaman of Mint Spa RVA; Ashley Sill of Gather; and Ashley Jefferson of Very Ashley attended an exclusive Girls' Night Out event at Restore Hyper Wellness in Midlothian. With trials of cryotherapy, red light therapy, and compression therapy, Restore got the opportunity to introduce its services to women in Midlothian. "Our services and the results we see are backed by science, and the convenience to get everything done at one place cannot be beaten," says co-owner Greg DeStephanis. "Our mission is to make our modalities accessible and affordable to as many people as possible so we can restore them and enable them to do more of what they love."

Girls' Night Out began with the usual- snacks, wine, and laughter-as the ladies prepared for a cryotherapy trial. Cryotherapy may help optimize sleep, defy signs of aging, relieve pain, and boost overall energy by exposing the body, or a particular area of the body, to sub-zero temperatures. The ladies experienced Whole Body Cryotherapy in Restore's very own high-tech chamber. "Many women do not like the cold despite the many health benefits, Greg explains. "I would encourage every woman to give cryotherapy a try. Those who have tend to feel that extra energy and come back for more." Greg is proud to note that Restore houses Richmond's only four-person cryotherapy chamber, 4COOL, allowing up to four friends to socialize while receiving treatment.

Red light therapy was the next service the ladies sampled. Light provides practical support for the human body. Red light therapy uses red and infrared wavelengths of light that boost energy levels, relieve minor pain and swelling, and balance your mood in as little as 10 minutes daily. The last treatment the women tried was compression therapy. This relaxing treatment applies controlled, dynamic pressure with pulse massaging to extremities like the arms, legs, and hips. With 30–60-minute sessions, compression therapy intends to treat lymphedema conditions like venous insufficiency and deep vein thrombosis.

Girls' Night Out was a success as each woman had unique experiences. "Restore was created for the health-conscious consumer offering services I didn't even know I needed," Navona says. "The compression therapy was so super relaxing, which was shocking. They have so many services I can't wait to get back to try!" Ashley Sill mentioned she enjoyed using the red light therapy. "It was warm and felt comforting after a stressful day, and it helped with my dry eyes, mood, and skin," Ashley says. "It will take a few visits to see the benefits working, but it's definitely worth it!"

The staff at Restore is just as excellent as the services. Alisa Varela, the General Manager, performs the studio's day-to-day operations, handles all marketing, and is the main business-to-business point of contact. Restore's registered nurses, Flo King and Mallory Gray, administer all medical services like IV drips and hyperbaric oxygen. A stellar team of representatives, Morgan Farzaneh, Dawn Priolo, Kolade Olanrewaju, Tori DeStephanis, and Hope Jones, greet members, keep up with scheduling, and guide members to the modalities. Restore's licensed esthetician Madalys performs all the esthetic services like cryoskin and hydrafacials. "Our team is full of rock stars, and their mission is to make every customer feel like they are the most important person in the world," Greg says.

Restore Hyper Wellness follows a membership-based model. All memberships are a 3-month commitment to start and then month to month. The Discover membership includes four core services or one monthly base IV drip for $99. The most flexible membership, the Level Up option, includes eight core services or two base IV drips, or four core services and one base IV drip monthly for $169. The last option is the Core membership which covers thirty-one core services monthly for $299. From medical to beauty needs, Restore has a membership suited for anyone. Eventually, Greg would like to allocate a percentage of membership fees to the ALS Association, an organization close to his heart.

Although a large demographic of members is mostly in their late 30s to 50s, attempting to fight the signs of aging and increase their health, anyone over twelve years old is welcome to try the amenities at Restore Hyper Wellness. The Midlothian studio often runs monthly deals that vary based on the classification of services. They also host special events where people can learn more about Restore's treatments. In addition to the recent Girls' Night Out, Restore held a medical night where guests were educated on NAD+ IV drips and biomarker assessments. Greg says they plan to have an upcoming Member Appreciation event to celebrate their 6-month anniversary! 


  • CORE
    • Cryotherapy
    • Red Light Therapy
    • Infrared Sauna
    • Compression
    • IV Drip Therapy
    • Intramuscular (IM) Shots
    • Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
    • NAD+ IV Drip Therapy
    • NAD+ IM Shot Therapy
    • Biomarker Assessments
    • Cryoskin Facials, Slimming, and Toning
    • Hydrafacial
    • Circadia Oxygen Facial

To book an appointment at Restore Hyper Wellness in Midlothian, go to:

“We feel fortunate to be in such a tight-knit community like Midlothian. We want to continue to make our presence known, as many still need to learn about Restore Hyper Wellness and what we do.” – Greg DeStephanis

  • Ashley Sill, Navona Hart, and Ashley Jefferson enjoying compression therapy.
  • Left to Right: Navona Hart, Melissa Oefelein, Ashley Jill, and Ashley Jefferson
  • Ashley Sill preparing to enter the cryotherapy chamber.
  • Ashley Sill trying Restore's red light therapy.