Retro, Color, Bejeweled: Eyeglasses Sparkle This Season

Eyes Etc. Captures the Hottest Styles of Eyewear Just in Time for Christmas

Like shoes, purses and clothing, eyeglass fashions change, and in Terry Furrh's opinion, this season's styles are only getting better and more fun.

From the emergence of nude frames to uneven designs to color-popping cat-eye glasses, the new and popular styles aren't limited to age and sex anymore, he says. In fact, what was considered "old-fashioned" in the past are now new and stylish while avant-garde looks are just as hot on the older crowd as they are on the younger crowd.

At Eyes Etc. in Nichols Hills, the styles are popping this season

"So many trends are making a comeback," says Terry, owner and operator of Eyes Etc.. "Nude colors, crystals, hot pinks, old gold and white are all trends that are back in fashion. Retro has made a big comeback, and a new style to watch is a line called Raen."

Raen has a young vibe that is just as popular with grandma as it is with the young party crowd. One big style Raen excels at are round frames, Terry says. 

"A lot of people don't think they can wear round frames, but it really depends on the shape of the frame," he says.

Another popular brand that Eyes Etc. carries is the FaceAFace brand, founded in France. From light green and fuchsia combos to teal and bone, each pair is handmade in France and incorporates fun touches like colored wing corners or creative touches like high heels at the tips of the glass arms.

One of Terry's top sellers is the Sospiri brand, which specializes in hand-placed Swarovski crystals in the frames. Sospiri only creates 100 of each style, so when they are gone, they are gone. Although each piece averages $1,000 to $1,300, Eyes Etc. sells out of the styles every time.

"It used to be only your grandmother wore stones and glitter," Terry says. "That's not the case today. Everyone is impressed by this brand, and all the crystals are hand-set by the jewelers in Italy."

Rag and Bone is a newer brand, though many fashionistas may recognize the name as a popular clothing designer. Originally a jeans clothier, Rag and Bone now offers simple styles with great colors like black tortoise or navy blue. The Tom Ford and Persol lines also keep to classic, clean designs that never go out of style.

"Tom Ford is simple, but he has new styles with the gold. Persol adds little touches like silver arrows on the hinge that people really like," Terry says.

But style isn't everything. For Terry, the health and happiness of his clients are what really drives his business. He gets to know each customer and their needs and tries to educate them all about the importance of eye health and the role an ophthalmologist plays in their overall well-being.

Terry has worked in the field since 1972, and he partners with one of the top retinol ophthalmologists in the field, Dr. Andrew Hubbard. Together, the two offer a full range of eye exams and eye health, but Terry says what really sets them apart from conveyor belt eye shops is the time they spend.

"I'm never in a hurry. I take the time to talk to our customers about what they want, how they want to wear the glasses and what they need," Terry says. "Each person's facial structure requires a custom fit and having a pair of glasses directly affects the style of the wearer. It deserves time."

For more information on eyewear or to schedule your eye care today, visit EyesEtcOKC.com or call 405.608.5353 to make an appointment.


Why do some eyeglasses look great on display, but not so great when you try them on?

Skin color and face shape determine whether a certain style of glasses will look good on you. A stylist like Eyes Etc. can help you find the right fit.

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