Rev Up a Rundown Kitchen

Restore, Refresh or Remodel with Local Franchise Kitchen Tune-Up

The kitchen is the engine of the home. We naturally gather there to refuel and both kick-start and wind down our days. As with any engine, when the moving parts in the hardest working room in the house fail, it slows us down. The experts at local franchise Kitchen Tune-Up specialize in revving up rundown kitchens.

Contrary to what you may have heard, updating a kitchen doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing endeavor. Do as little or much as your kitchen requires for a refresh. Choose from Kitchen Tune-Up’s five levels of services to get your kitchen back on track.

Owners Matt and Laura Fields of West Chester brought Kitchen Tune-Up to the area just nine months ago. They are passionate about helping their neighbors make a positive change in their homes, starting with their cabinets.

“Our focus is cabinets,” Laura explains. “We bring kitchens back to life.”

Restore, Refresh or Remodel?

When your kitchen loses its luster, Kitchen Tune-Up makes a big difference in one day, bringing back its sparkle. If you like the color and style of your existing cabinets, opt for a quick “1 Day Tune-Up,” complete with cabinet repairs, restorative deep cleaning and new knobs and handles.

“Our goal is to restore existing cabinets to 90% like new,” Matt says. “We can restore stained wood by doing repairs on scratches, color damage, water damage and restore finishes.”

Upgrade your kitchen with one of three affordable refreshing services Kitchen Tune-Up offers to update cabinets: painting, redooring and refacing. With these services, cabinet doors and drawers get a makeover. Modernize the color, style and overall look of your kitchen without the cost and time commitment of a total renovation project.

“In our local communities, we see a lot of builder-grade cabinets—standard, honey oak cabinets,” Matt shares. “Many people want to get rid of them.”

“Painting is a good short-term fix, lasting about two to five years,” he says.

“The next level is to redoor or reface,” Matt continues. “We offer all sorts of styles, including add-ons and upgrades. We can install soft-close hinges and drawers, change your trim or style of crown molding. These services make it look like you’ve got brand-new cabinets.”

“You would think you were in a different kitchen,” Laura adds.

If you are ready for a complete overhaul, Kitchen Tune-Up can arrange new, custom cabinets or even oversee an entire kitchen remodel, serving as project managers from start to finish.

“For a total cabinet replacement, our corporate design team works from our measurements and pictures to design a kitchen with an effective workflow and layout,” says Matt.

“For homeowners, there are so many moving components, it’s hard to keep track of everything and know what happens, in what order,” he explains. “We have partners that do countertops, flooring, painting and other projects. We are more than happy to step into a project manager role, get all the pieces together and coordinate the various parts to get the job done.”

Not Just for Kitchens

With a focus on cabinetry, Kitchen Tune-Up isn’t only for the kitchen. They also update bathrooms, pantries, closets, laundry rooms, garages or anywhere else requiring storage cabinets. 

Experts recommend sealing natural stone countertops annually, and Kitchen Tune-Up offers a fast and effective 3-step process to clean, seal and polish granite countertops in any room.

“We enjoy transforming dark and dated spaces to bright, modern and happy places,” says Matthew. “It can be a simple fix that lasts and looks beautiful.”


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