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Revamp and Revive Your Workspace

The Home Office Evolution

Article by Heather Bogess

Photography by Kristen Hafner

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The home office. In the past, this was a tucked-away place where old printers went to die, boxes full of nostalgia were stacked, and “miscellaneous” cords multiplied like rabbits. Growing up, our home office was where you could find exercise equipment, once coveted but eventually existing solely to collect dust and hang winter coats. We all experienced our own version of a home office growing up, each different yet somehow all the same–until the year 2020.

Suddenly, this forgotten room became the epicenter of our lives. A new era of “work from home” was upon us.  Kids needed a place for schoolwork, and parents needed a dedicated space for virtual meetings. As a designer (and a mom), I have witnessed (and experienced) the transformation of chaotic clutter dens to fully functional sites complete with Zoom-worthy backdrops. The pandemic may have introduced an inherent amount of mayhem into our lives, but it also provided the perfect opportunity to refine the way we collectively utilize our home work spaces.

For me, our home office needs to serve a variety of purposes. As a business owner, organization and file storage are crucial. On the other hand, my husband, a software company VP, absolutely hates paper clutter; he requires only a clear workspace and a vibe that promotes productivity.  

Designing spaces within spaces is often overlooked but can be one of the most underestimated aspects of space design.  Personally, I wanted a space that works for all our different moods and moments–somewhere my creativity can run wild like the Seine, but also a quiet spot to sip coffee in the morning while doing some meditation and reading my devotional. Having dedicated cabinets and receptacles for the kids’ school memorabilia, photos, and home files was also vital for my home office. The Container Store is a great place to find the perfect organizational solutions without compromising your aesthetic.  Introducing a beautiful textile by way of linen-wrapped storage solutions is one of my favorite ways to elevate a home office.

Having a long tenure as a real estate professional, as well as a background in construction operations, I lean heavily on my knowledge and experience when it comes to achieving maximum output with minimum input. For example, simply upgrading your office light fixture to a chandelier or pendant light can give your space a more sophisticated look and feel.  In the same vein, discovering creative ways to showcase cherished photos and meaningful objects adds a personal touch to your space. For us, it was the flag from my husband's grandfather's funeral. This flag had been tucked away in a box for years, lacking a proper home. Now, it proudly graces our office, serving as a daily reminder not only of the sacrifices he made for his country, but also of the cherished memories my husband shared with him throughout his childhood. At the end of the day, your space should reflect the beauty of your life in the most functional way possible. 

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