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Revamp Your Workout - 20 Minutes at a Time

The Wonders of BODY20's Technology-Enhanced Training

Gone are the days of spending hours in the gym, hoping that whatever you do works. Thanks to BODY20, the fastest-growing boutique fitness concept in the US, expensive personal trainers, joint pain and injuries from long, brutal gym sessions are things of the past. 

BODY20 is a unique personal training concept designed to provide its members with amazing strength and cardio training results in one or two 20-minute sessions per week, dramatically impacting the other 10,000 minutes of the week. BODY20 coaches achieve these results in such a condensed timeframe through the use of Electro-Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology, which has a long track record in fitness and rehabilitation. Soviet doctors first used it for strength training, aerobic conditioning and recovery for elite athletes. The first EMS studios for the wider consumer market opened in 2007 in Germany and spread throughout Europe and other international markets, arriving in the US in 2017, with the launch of the first BODY20 studio in South Florida.

Recently, local entrepreneur Gene Chayevsky became a multi-unit franchisee of the breakout concept in metro Atlanta, bringing BODY20's revolutionary technology-enhanced workouts to the heart of East Cobb—the first of his seven BODY20 studios in Atlanta’s northern suburbs. With experience owning and managing businesses in 17 different countries, Gene knows a good concept and product when he sees one, and he's put his money on BODY20.

"I look forward to bringing the unique value of BODY20 to the residents, business owners, and employees of East Cobb, who work so diligently to take care of their kids, businesses and careers but often neglect to invest fully in their own health and wellness," he explained in East Cobber's November 2023 issue.

BODY20 has close to 50 studios opened in 16 states and is on track to more than double in size in 2024. 

The studio's FDA-cleared EMS suits use electrical stimulation to automatically trigger muscle contractions, making each movement over 150 times more effective than traditional workouts. When weightlifting, the perfect form requires intensive mind-muscle connection, and even then, it puts unnecessary stress on joints and ligaments. EMS-enhanced strength training requires no brainpower to accurately target muscle fibers, and BODY20's technology stimulates up to 90% of a person’s skeletal muscle mass during a workout.

"EMS takes your brain out of working out," says Chris Pena, BODY20's Co-Founder and
President. “You get the most efficient and effective workout your body can possibly
get every single time." 

 BODY20 members range in age from 18 to 80 and come from all walks of life with varying fitness levels. The health benefits are life-changing for seniors, the shorter and more efficient sessions save time for busy parents and executives, and the streamlined approach allows BODY20 members to skip out on gym memberships or expensive personal training. It's one of the most efficient, accessible ways to get in shape, and it's partial to no one.

Whether you're a gym rat through and through, or you lack any experience working out, a BODY20 session is worth a shot. All first-time visits are free and consist of three parts. The first is a medical-grade body scan that uses an InBody device to determine your body's starting point: fat and muscle mass, visceral fat, hydration levels, basal metabolic rate and more. Once they evaluate what's happening inside your body, you start your demo workout.

After strapping into an EMS suit, you'll be guided through a 12-minute demo workout focusing mostly on strength training with some cardio elements. The workout is short and effective, but that doesn't mean it's easy. Your muscles will surely be fatigued after such hard work, so prepare accordingly and fuel up with a snack and drink beforehand. Once your results are in, the BODY20 team will walk you through a "prescription plan" considering your goals and recommending a workout program to help achieve them. 

If you fall in love with BODY20's foolproof methods, don't worry. Soon, the franchise will be all over metro Atlanta's fitness landscape. Gene, along with other franchisees with existing locations in Buckhead, Brookhaven and Decatur, anticipate transforming Atlanta into one of BODY20's top three metro areas, with 19 studios to be opened in the next three

So try out BODY20's unique, technology-enhanced workout, and get ready to step into the future of fitness because BODY20 is revolutionizing the way we work out. 

Proof in Numbers


  • Is over 150 times more effective than a gym session
  • Produces 36,000 muscle contractions in 20 minutes
  • Takes 75% less time than a traditional workout
  • Caters to everyone
  • Gene Chayevsky, face behind BODY20 East Cobb.