Revitalizing Wellness

Through Responsive IV Therapy for a Healthy Mind & Body

Notable IV Therapies include

  • Tri-immune Boost: Immune Support with glutathione, zinc, and vitamin C
  • B-12: Energy
  • Biotin: Skin, Hair, and Nails
  • D3: Essential for every cell in your body
  • Lipo-C/MICC: fat burners and metabolism boosters
  • Semaglutide: Peptide used for weight loss
  • Glutathione: Mother of all antioxidants, liver detox, reduces full body inflammation

Crissy DeArmond of RevIVe IV Therapy is a passionate advocate for IV therapy and attests to its effectiveness in addressing a spectrum of health conditions. From chronic fatigue and wound healing to treating GI viruses, seasonal allergies, and even the aftermath of a night out with hangovers, IV therapy proves instrumental in restoring health by directly impacting vitamin levels, electrolytes, and hydration. Its unique advantage over oral medications lies in its ability to bypass the digestive system, ensuring swift absorption into the body.

DeArmond recounts a memorable case where a patient, severely affected by a hangover, walked into her clinic experiencing extreme dehydration, nausea, and debilitating pains. After an IV therapy session, the patient not only felt revitalized but was able to partake in a workout, showcasing the rapid relief that IV therapy can provide. The versatility of IV therapy extends to a wide range of candidates, including athletes, those prioritizing hydration, and individuals enduring the challenges of the Texas heat.

Remarkably, even patients with severe wound infections have witnessed accelerated recovery, as IV therapy provides essential nutrition crucial for the healing process. Customization is a cornerstone of DeArmond's practice. She invests time in assessing each patient, understanding their goals, and tailoring IV therapy treatments to meet their specific needs.  DeArmond's clinic ensures a safe experience, boasting a registered nurse with 30 years of experience working under a licensed MD and local surgeon. Stressing the significance of qualified providers, DeArmond encourages individuals to choose licensed, local, and experienced professionals for a secure and effective IV therapy experience that prioritizes individual health needs.

IV therapy proves instrumental in restoring health by directly impacting vitamin levels, electrolytes, and hydration.

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