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RevHeal Wellness in Midlothian Treats the Root Causes of Disease

Article by Joanna Tannenbaum

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Originally published in Midlothian Lifestyle

Jacqueline Boone has always been fascinated with health and biology. While completing her Nurse Practitioner program, she explored health-related podcasts, interviews, and webinars, where she first learned about Functional Medicine. Struggling with her health while working in critical care, Jacqueline experienced and witnessed so many lives consumed by chronic disease. After pursuing her Functional Medicine and Integrative Nutrition certification, she opened her business in 2018. “We recognize and respect the fact that we cannot separate our physical health from our mental, emotional, spiritual, and energetic health,” Jacqueline says of her business, RevHeal Wellness. “We truly look at all of these aspects of health and provide support in all these areas for our patients.” Admirably, Jacqueline dreams of starting a non-profit one day to fund alternative health services for marginalized communities.


The RevHeal Reset program resets your metabolism to help boost weight loss. This 12-week group program is held online, and coaching sessions are led by Linda White, a certified health coach, yoga instructor, and personal trainer. With weekly calls and one-on-one coaching, Linda provides guidance and support for patients and clients enrolled in the program. The techniques in this program allow the body to shift into repair mode, burning fat as fuel, balancing hormones, calming inflammation, and shedding extra body fat. Participants of the program benefit from a full year of coaching support, a program guide, a recipe book, a digital journal, vitamins and supplements, and an Oura Ring. Additionally, Virginia and Maryland residents can add on laboratory testing.


Functional nutrition is an all-inclusive approach to food and nutrition that considers not just the foods consumed but the lifestyle factors that can influence food choices and health. RevHeal’s Emily Albert, a Registered Nurse, IIN-certified health coach, and Nutrition Specialist, uses her diverse experience and training to help patients with a food-first approach to healing while factoring in lifestyle dynamics. The Functional Nutrition package offers two appointments, an in-depth evaluation with Emily, and a follow-up. She creates a treatment plan focused on the individual’s nutritional needs while using food as medicine. Patients of the program have the option to add on additional follow-ups and a laboratory assessment. Alternatively, a three-month nutrition package is also available to help incorporate these lifestyle changes for maintainable, lasting results.


“The program has helped me pay attention to my water intake and to the volume of food I eat on a daily basis. I've also incorporated focused breathing techniques into my day-to-day life, which has helped tremendously with stressors I face working in a hospital." –D. Irish

“I absolutely loved working with Jacqueline! She has a true passion for women’s health, and it shows. I enjoyed learning a more holistic approach to healing myself from the inside out while under her care.” -Kim S.


Functional medicine is a more individualized approach that allows patients and their healthcare providers to come together to address the root causes of disease and improve overall wellness. Instead of treating symptoms, healthcare providers explore the condition in its entirety and target the precise causes. Jacqueline explains the difference between traditional and functional medicine by saying, "Our current traditional medical model is really a sick-care system, not a Health Care system. The traditional medical setting has its place but is based around a model where we identify a disease or injury and then treat that with a singular focus." She further explains, "Through a root cause, functional lens, we can address all aspects of wellness to truly optimize function and prevent the development of chronic diseases."

To learn more about RevHeal Wellness, go to: revhealwellness.com

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