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BlueJay Premier Edition Electric Bike

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What Kind Of E-Bike Rider Are You? Take This Quiz.

Think E-Bikes are just for the unfit or AARP crowd? Voltaire Cycles of Highlands Ranch wants you to think again. Take our Cycling quiz to learn what type of electric bike suits you best, and visit them for a test drive.

Cycling quiz

How often do you cycle?

1)     only in the warm weather or on the weekends

2)     one to two times a week

3)     every day, even in the snow

What do you wear when you bike?

1)     a summery, flowing dress or comfortable khakis and boat shoes

2)     a head to toe biking kit, with a change of clothes

3)     whatever is clean, hopefully something with padding for the seat

What is your favorite trail?

1)     pavement or very well groomed

2)     the quickest way from point A to B

3)     the rougher, the better

Why do you cycle?

1)     leisure or errands

2)     get to work

3)     adrenalin rush

How many bikes do you currently own?

1)      0

2)      1

3)      N+1 (N=more than two, plus one more)

When not cycling, what is your preferred leisure activity?

1)     hosting a garden party

2)     NY Times crossword puzzle

3)     cycling is my preferred leisure activity

During leisure time, what is your preferred drink?

1)       white wine or spritzer

2)       anything with bourbon

3)       local craft brews

When purchasing a bike, which is most important to you?

1)       comfort and style

2)       durability and efficiency

3)       the tech

8-12 Points - You’re a weekend cruiser! Riding a bike is for leisure and pleasure. Running an errand or two sounds like a good idea, but maybe you don’t want to break a sweat. The Blue Jay lets you get some pedaling in, and you decide how much of a workout you make it. Designed like a beach cruiser, this e-bike makes your riding comfort a priority with a lightweight aluminum frame, comfort saddle and ergonomic grips. Available in four colors, additional accessories like front rack and baskets make this e-bike as practical as it is stylish.

13-18 Points – You’re a Commuter! Your bike likely has more miles than your car. Or perhaps you’d like your bike to have more miles, but haven’t yet made the leap. The ride into work is a breeze, but a little boost after a long day at the office is appreciated. The Yamaha Cross Connect is the bike for you. This bike’s low center of gravity allows for exceptional handling, and four levels of smooth assist delivers a natural and organic feeling ride experience. So smooth, you might forget you left the sedan at home

19-24 Points – You’re an Adventure Rider! You have friends who don’t recognize you without a helmet and shades. You ride a bike for the adrenalin rush and the flex. Heavy on tech, the Yamaha Moro offers suspension optimized to spread grip between the front and the rear of the bike for greater traction and a buttery smooth feel. The Moro offers other features for mountain biking, from a seat height adjustment on the handlebars to a battery cover to protect from mud.

0-24 – A bike for anyone! Don’t neatly fit into the categories above (Who really does?) Check out this folding, all-terrain option. These are super popular as they fold up for storage and cargo. Great for RV travel and commuting on public transport. Guys and couples love these e-bikes. The Bagibike B10 is fully adjustable for comfort, with plenty of power that easily rides on or off road.

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  • BlueJay Premier Edition Electric Bike
  • Yamaha Moro
  • Bagibike B10
  • Yamaha Cross Connect