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Riley Crossing Senior Living

Engaging Activity as a Building Block of Dementia Care

They’re called the golden years because they are the most precious. We want the best for ourselves as we grow older. And when someone we love requires care, we want the same for them, too.

At Riley Crossing Senior Living, a 138-apartment community in Chanhassen that offers independent living, assisted living, memory care and enhanced care, seniors are doing much more than just living. They are thriving, because they are surrounded by lovely, compassionate staff who are devoted to putting every possible joy within reach.

“As Dimensions manager for Riley Crossing, my job includes making everyday life in memory care positive and rewarding,” said Karli Schneider. “We meet our residents wherever they might be in their dementia journeys, and tailor enriching activity programs to suit their unique interests and personalities.

“The simplest things bring people the greatest happiness, no matter their age. Riley Crossing is connected to a childcare center with around 103 students. They range from six weeks to five years old, and they regularly visit with our residents. Even when they have forgotten their own children’s names, our residents immediately return to the same mindsets they once had as parents. It is always wonderful to see their eagerness to teach children new things. And if they’re no longer able to speak, they can still connect with the kids by sharing their smiles.

“Our residence welcomes therapy pets. Quite a few of our residents connect best with dogs – an animal that has the ability to heal by sheer virtue of its sweetness. Ebenezer Management Services, our parent company, is honored to have partnered with MacPhail Center for Music. The school assists with our music therapy sessions, where our residents share conversation and sing songs linked to their favorite memories.

“Seniors aren’t generally known for their love of high technology. The Lucynt, which we added to our community just last year, is the exception. It combines projection and motion tracking technology to turn any flat surface into what is essentially a giant iPad screen, and it is filled with dozens of games that are suitable for players of any mental capacity. 

“The children and our residents have spent so many hours bopping brightly colored creatures in Whack-a-Mouse that I’m starting to feel bad for mice. Our card sharks enjoy competing against each other in another game that is appropriately named Playing Cards. And Halfling Land, which depicts beautiful scenery while players wave around monarch butterflies, still provides stimulating entertainment to those who are in late stage dementia.

“Lucynt games have proven to be very powerful therapeutic exercises. They bring our residents together and encourage them to socialize. Moreover, the games keep our residents physically active and interested in the world around them, which are the two healthiest mentalities people living with dementia can have. 

“For all the science surrounding it, there isn’t a whole lot of public knowledge about dementia. There’s a prevailing notion that it must negatively affect every facet of a person’s life. And there are certainly many negatives. But whenever I see someone with dementia who is happy – just purely, genuinely happy – I realize that no illness, however severe, can touch the human soul. I am blessed with those moments every day here at Riley Crossing.”

With living arrangements ranging from 55+ senior townhomes to enhanced care, Riley Crossing offers everyone the perfect home where they can age in place. Please visit to learn more about their services, amenities, wellness programs and available apartments.

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