Rising to the Challenge

Mason High School's Science Olympiad Team returns to the national championship next month.

The Mason High School (MHS) Science Olympiad team has proven itself a force to be reckoned with. Their consecutive first-place victories at the national competitions in both 2021 and 2022, have cemented them as some of the top young scientists in the country. And they’re ready to defend their title at Wichita State on May 20.

The Science Olympiad is an incredibly challenging competition that requires students to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in biology, chemistry, physics, earth science, astronomy, and engineering. The competition’s 23 events include building challenges, laboratory-based experiments, data analysis and interpretation and other creative problem-solving activities. The 15-member teams must work together to solve the challenges presented in each event. 

These events are designed to be difficult and require exceptional knowledge, skills and critical thinking to succeed. The team is coached by Steven Seiler, who helps the students prepare for the competition. Mason has been ranked within the top four teams in the state for six years.  

When asked about the prerequisites for joining, team captains Katie Wilson and Grace Chi are only half joking when they say, “Not sleeping a lot.”

Unlike other Science Olympiad teams where you either make it or you don’t, the Mason team hosts mock tests every few weeks. Katie and Grace explain that this allows every interested student to level up, and encourages those who have already qualified to stay on top of their game. This strategy also ensures that each person competing is the best for the event at hand. While rigorous, the team is happy to work hard as long as they are working together.

Katie explains, “I love science, learning and winning, but most of all I love the culture that Mason creates. By the end of the year, we’ve spent so many late nights studying together and are such a close-knit group. My favorite part of the Science Olympiad is the family that I’ve found within it.”

The MHS Science Olympiad Team has proven once again that they are the best of the best. As returning champions, they know that they will be in the spotlight. But this team is no stranger to pressure and the national championships will be no exception.

For more information about MHS Science Olympiad including donations and sponsorships, visit MasonSciOly.org

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