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River Valley Counseling Center

Envisioning To Be The Best Place For Care and The Best Place To Work

As a mental health agency, how does RVCC meet the needs of Westfield?
RVCC strives to support the community of Westfield and surrounding towns to provide quality mental health care. Our clinicians are highly trained and continue to hone their skills. We provide therapy services including Outpatient, In-Home, and In-Home Behavioral. We also offer specific support programs for schools or colleges, families and couples, as well as substance abuse. Those who are looking to get connected with services can make referrals for themselves, family members, or their patients on our website or call our central intake department at (413) 540-1234.

Do you have bilingual staff? Are you LGBTQ+ friendly?
RVCC serves all populations. We provide services to children, adolescents, and adults of all ages. We are able to provide services in multiple languages thanks to our clinicians who are bilingual. Our clinicians provide services to support populations of all races, identities, religion, and ethnic backgrounds – after all, mental health impacts everyone!

How does RVCC support local school systems and students?
We are partnered with a number of local school systems. River Valley Counseling Center provides outpatient mental health therapy to school district students in Chicopee, Easthampton, Hatfield, Holyoke, and Westfield plus a handful of schools in Amherst, East Longmeadow, Granby, Hadley, South Hadley, and Springfield. Being able to provide services to students during the school day helps break down barriers for those who struggle to schedule an appointment outside of school hours. It also overcomes the obstacle of transportation by being on-site. School based services bridge our clinicians with school personnel to better support the students.

How can local small business owners tap into the benefits of offering EAP to their employees through RVCC?
Local small business owners can partner with our CONCERN: Employee Assistance Program by contacting the director of those services: Joy Brock at (413) 534-2625 or CONCERN is a great program hosted by RVCC that can help with improvements in working relationships, employee retention, health, and morale. The pandemic has impacted the workforce as well and it is important for employers to be able to support their staff with more resources and benefits.  

Community is key in recovery. What support is given to those struggling with substance use and addiction?
We were recently awarded a grant from Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSHA) for three of our clinics — including our Westfield site — as part of an effort to support those struggling with substance use and addiction. Our Westfield site is a Community Mental Health Center which means we are able to provide services as an Integrated Healthcare Team. Clients can meet with a clinician, a case manager, a peer recovery coach, and a medical assistant. This helps provide enhanced amenities to those asking for help. This model of care helps us provide programs to anyone in Hampden County (18 or older) who is part of an under-served population, POC, and Veterans.

The recent pandemic triggered a lockdown that caused a spike in mental health cases. Are you currently hiring clinicians to help meet this demand? Which roles?
RVCC is hiring! We are seeking to add more clinicians to our team as well as support staff for numerous different positions. We are always looking to add more team members who are passionate about this work, motivated, and committed. Across all five of our sites, we work as a team to support all of the clients, and communities, we serve. We also support each other with work/life balance and career development. Something I can say for sure is that RVCC makes you feel like family. We offer great benefits for employees such as health, dental, and vision insurance (with great rates!), tuition reimbursement, retention programs, job related trainings/CEUs, pet insurance, and daycare reimbursement to name just a few!

River Valley Counseling Center has the vision to be the best place for care and the best place to work. Find support for your wellbeing or inquire about current employment opportunities by visiting

  • Amanda Hitchborn, Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC)

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