Riverbanks Zoo's ComPOOst

Support Conservation efforts by buying fertilizer that's heavy doodie

If you want your garden to really bloom and stay healthy this year, look no further than the Riverbanks Zoo.

Through the Zoo's comPOOst program, residents can purchase a fertilizer that is heavy doodie. The 100% all-natural, composted Zoo poo is produced by some of Riverbanks Zoo and Garden’s most famous animals and makes for toxin-free fertilizer you can use in your own garden.

The Riverbanks Zoo's rhinos, giraffes and zebras are the makers behind the comPOOst. And, by purchasing your poo at the zoo, you'll have an all-natural solution to make your garden come up roses while supporting the conservation efforts at Riverbanks Zoo and Garden.

comPOOst is available year-round at Riverbanks Gift Shop, by the pint for $5.25, and in 2-gallon containers for $13. For more information, visit 

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