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Aging Well With Jill Yasskin

Colorado is experiencing a notable rise in its senior-care demographic as a record-setting number of Boomers enter their 80s. And, as seniors are living longer, they’re also having to make decisions previous generations didn’t have to make. They didn’t live long enough. Plus, as you can imagine—and AARP and the non-stop media remind us daily—seniors are in ever-increasing danger of being scammed. But, despite the worries seniors have of becoming a statistic of exploitation, they still have to field a considerable amount of legitimate advice being directed toward them—but not all of it is well-informed. Bottom line? With so much information coming at us, it’s easy to become paranoid. And it gets easier as we age, easier as our desires and needs change. There are too many unfamiliar-to-us decisions to be made—even legitimate ones! And worry on top of tough decision-making can be both an overwhelming and confusing process. But who do you trust?

Jill Yasskin, Elder Care Manager at Aging at 5280 and Senior Real Estate Specialist Realtor at the Barrington Group Real Estate company, understands all of your frustrations, and she wants to take all of the negativity away from you—all of the frustration and indecisiveness that the fear-of-the-unknown bogey monster piles on. Jill’s primary goal is to help elders navigate the healthcare system while also helping them move into appropriate housing for each season of their lives. Jill is a dedicated advocate committed to helping older adults with all aspects of aging and transition. “Aging is a journey with evolving stages of health, social and financial well-being,” she shares. “Walking with you every step of the way is necessary and comforting for [the] families we serve and very fulfilling for me.”

Having worked over 10 years in the hospice and palliative care industry, Jill feels she has “a unique and special understanding of the many key issues facing our seniors in the Denver community,” and is dedicated to helping older adults with all of the aspects of aging and transition. “Whatever phase you are in life,” she says, “I can help with senior community placement, transition, downsizing, real estate services, care navigation, Medicaid benefits, and asset protection.”

To achieve this ideal, Jill begins her client consultation process by conducting a complimentary evaluation. “I begin by listening to your needs and guiding you through the process,” she shares, “ensuring your loved one is provided with the information needed to navigate the aging process.” Jill then drafts a personalized plan, tailored to both your short and long-term goals.

Interestingly, the logo for Aging at 5280 contains a fingerprint image, and according to their website (, every human fingerprint is unique. It doesn’t change with age or growth, and the “fingerprint pattern reveals a lot about our inborn personality, behavior, strengths, limitations, learning and acquiring style.” It is that explanation, right there, the understanding that our uniqueness is a gift. That is why Jill Yasskin takes great pride in working with her clients to customize their own, unique roadmap to aging. She strives to find each of her clients at Aging at 5280, as well as the Barrington Group, the ideal solution—one based on each individual’s personality, behavior and overall lifestyle.

Want to learn more about Jill and how she can help you navigate every step of the aging process? Contact her at (303) 523-5009 or

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"...Jill Yasskin takes great pride in working with her clients to customize their own, unique roadmap to aging."

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