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Road Trip Companion

This adventurous South Carolina couple makes teardrop dreams come true.

Article by Roswell City Lifestyle Staff

Photography by Wander Tears

Originally published in Roswell City Lifestyle

“Wander Tears was dreamed up as a solution to an evolving problem: we wanted to travel further, but also sleep well, in the short time we could get away and into nature,” says Daniel Doherty, co-founder of Wander Tears.

Newly wed couple Daniel and Paige build custom teardrop trailers in Aiken, SC and mentor DIYers on how to build their own teardrop. These little trailers pack a punch, offering a tiny home on wheels.

It all started when they designed and built their own teardrop trailer to allow them to maximize their time in nature and minimize the time spent preparing for the trip. As outdoor enthusiasts, they enjoy backpacking, mountain biking, hiking, and camping, but Daniel was done sleeping on the ground, Paige was tired of camp set up taking away from their time on the trails, and they got rained on one too many times in their tent.

The solution? A compact teardrop camper that could be towed by the car they already owned.

Teardrop trailers are becoming more and more popular and enhancing the way people travel. They are small, lightweight trailers (often 5’x8’) that can be towed by virtually any vehicle. With a teardrop, you get everything you need and nothing you don’t, giving you the freedom to escape at a moment’s notice!

“People are always shocked that there is a queen bed and full kitchen area in our teardrops,” says Paige Doherty, Co-Founder of Wander Tears.

Wander Tears is a Teardrop Trailer Company, but their bigger mission is to inspire others to live an intentional life. For many, that’s through travel.

Whether you are a weekend warrior or road tripper, Wander Tears custom-built trailers are the perfect base camp for adventure.

FAQs with Paige and Daniel

I have kids and a dog, can my family fit in a teardrop?

YES! Our first custom order was for a family of four. We modified the cabin to fit a removable cot for a smaller child. Once your kids get bigger, a rooftop tent or awning room are great options to expand your sleeping space while staying compact!

I’m over 6 feet tall, is it realistic to get a teardrop?

I (Daniel) am 6’2”. I designed all of our teardrop models around my body. The foot space, knee clearance, the curve of the teardrop, height of the galley hatch, everything has been considered and designed with maximum efficiency.

If I choose to build my own DIY trailer, how long will it take me with your plans?

The current time to beat from a DIYer in our community is three months for our most popular Vaga model. However, our Renegade and Hopper models have been done even quicker!

Instagram: @wandertears