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Robin Moyer Chung, Editor of Westport Lifestyle Magazine

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My Resolutions for 2021

Article by Robin Moyer Chung

Photography by Mindy Briar

Originally published in Westport Lifestyle

1. Wear Stilettos.

After a months-long hit parade of “loungewear” my attire needs an impactful (yet effortless) overhaul. It needs a few needle-heeled pairs of toe-pinchers. I know stilettos are “out” but I don’t care. They’re wildly impractical and glamorous and smarten up whatever I blindly drag out of my closet for another day of grocery shopping and staying safe at home with the kids.

2. Be More Disciplined

Once a week in our home we have “Kids Survival Day.” On this day my kids wake up on their own, make themselves breakfast, and get off to school. It teaches them responsibility, plus I get to sleep in an hour or so. Lately I’ve noticed that Kids Survival Day is almost every day. There’s a fine line between teaching kids responsibility and being a lousy role model.

3. Do What I Write About

Shop local, take a dance class, listen to more Michael Bolton. I’m always wildly impressed by the people I meet through WLM and I usually leave the interview wanting to be just like them.

4. Keep a Pet Fish Alive.

Nothing says “misguided impulse purchase” like a betta fish. I go to Petco for bunny food and before I know it I’m halfway home with a relatively useless creature who’ll be wholly dependent on me for survival. After a few months it dies. I feel sad. It freaks me out. I can do better.

5. Give Someone an Enormous Tip.

It would brighten my day if someone handed me scads of money for serving them a meal, but my kids don’t have that kind of cash.

  • Robin Moyer Chung, Editor of Westport Lifestyle Magazine