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Stay Within Redefined Country Elegance

Robinson Farms NxtGen Offers Family-Owned Resort

Just 2 hours from St. Louis lies a hidden gem of an escape. Nestled on a beautiful farm in Cape Girardeau, Robinson Farms NxtGen has a story as captivating as its modern finishings and welcoming hospitality.

Situated back between roads less traveled, the farm was renovated and reimagined by the 12 Robinson family siblings, who took one look at it and knew their dream of creating a legacy near their hometown was at their fingertips. No stones were left unturned when the renovations and design were brought to life on this estate. Together they collaborate, proudly donning their family name at the gates of the venue, bringing events to life one special touch at a time. Each of the siblings brings a unique perspective and area of expertise, from interior design to hospitality and grounds management.

Today, the 95-acre farm “offers the ultimate place of relaxation, connection to nature, combining artfully designed facilities with an unparalleled experience," as the destination's website describes. The gated properties are sweeping with countryside views, scenic backdrops and unbothered nature. It's the ultimate spot for a healthy dose of unplugged, quiet restoration. A visit there feels like a world away from the city, with a quaint quiet setting. In the distance, the sound of rustling roaming animals and the whirr of a gentle breeze take you down a notch from the stress of traffic and city sounds.

The amenities, available for families, weddings, events, corporate meetings or just some time away, have plenty of indoor and outdoor spaces with beautiful views that are perfect for an array of events. The Elle, proudly named after their mother, is a boutique hotel worthy of five stars located inside the main manor, equipped with modern rooms that sleep up to 30 guests. This would make an unforgettable spot for an intimate micro wedding weekend with room for everyone to sit back and enjoy the special celebration, or even a milestone birthday or family reunion. Whichever window one wakes up looking out from has a gorgeous view.

The sheer attention to detail down to the outfittings in each room and the gorgeous lighting throughout have this spot fit for a king or queen. For those who like the finer amenities and royal treatment when booking a stay or planning a special event, this is a wonderful spot. Guests feel as if they were transported to a cozy European getaway, and return home feeling revived having only driven a short distance.

Additional spaces include the Sunset Cottage (available on AirBnB for rental individually, too), the 806 Lounge and outdoor venue options spawned across the expansive acreage. The Sunset Cottage is appropriately named for the neighborhood the Robinson’s grew up in. It is straight out of a movie, with a wraparound porch and artistic touches. The 806 Lounge is a spot for the gentlemen guests, a rustic renovated barn for pre-wedding celebrations or relaxing. The name honors the Robinson’s father’s first farm tractor, The 806 International. 

Although remotely located, activities are abundant at the farm. Guests can enjoy picnics, stargazing, hiking, fishing or a plethora of board game options if visiting on a rainy day. Excursions or special activities also can be planned by the hospitable hosts, ranging from ATV adventures to spa treatments or whiskey tasting.