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How Rise Nation Brings High-Energy Workout Experiences to Denver’s Passionate Fitness Community

Emphasizing physical health and well-being is a signature throughout many of Colorado’s communities. From outdoor adventure sports to race training and more, Denver, in particular, is an area known for its focus on fitness. According to Christa Dellebovi, head trainer with Rise Nation, it’s for this reason that the city was primed for a new, unique workout experience.

“Rise Nation classes are incredible full-body, zero-impact cardio workouts that utilize all the major muscle groups,” says Christa. “The community here is incredibly active, passionate about their health and up for a challenge, so it only made sense to call Denver home.”

Rise Nation offers high-intensity, choreographed climbing classes that utilize the VersaClimber machine and are tailored for participants with a range of fitness levels and goals. Classes are only 30 minutes in length, making them ideal for busy professionals and fitness fanatics seeking to maximize their time and get in a meaningful workout on the go. Sessions are held in immersive light and sound studios with high-energy music pumping from sound systems that rival top nightclubs. Instructors are part DJ, part drill sergeant and part friendly motivator and further elevate the workout experience. Rise Nation studios also feature a variety of luxury amenities, including cutting-edge infrared saunas and beauty bars.

Founded by celebrity trainer Jason Walsh in Los Angeles, Rise Nation is rooted in a deep understanding of human physiology and was created as an alternative to trendy workout and injury recovery routines that put unnecessary stresses on the body.

“Ultimately, Rise Nation was created to help people,” says Christa. “Climbing is a natural movement that aligns your spine and engages all the major muscle groups with zero impact. This makes for a uniquely challenging, rewarding workout with high results and very low risk.”

With an established following of professional athletes and celebrities across the country, and now with multiple locations in Denver including Highlands and Cherry Creek studios, Rise Nation looks forward to continuing to serve up highly effective, full-body climbing workouts at a variety of levels (from introductory to those for seasoned pros) with an unmistakable sense of community. The third Rise Nation Colorado location will be opening this fall in the Denver Tech Center.   

“I love that there’s a class for everyone at Rise Nation,” says Christa. “It’s a full-body experience where you can have a blast at the same time and is a go-to workout for anyone looking to improve their health.”

  • Head Trainer Christa Dellebovi